Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive, on a Budget!


If you are looking for ideas on how to elevate your home's interior design without breaking the bank, we have a few tips! Your home can look expensive with just a few updates & a set color scheme! It is important to make sure you do have a theme throughout your home in order to create a natural flow. Luckily, you came to the top interior design company to help you make your home look more expensive while still keeping to a budget!

Updating Light Fixtures

Updating your lighting with a new fixture can inexpensively make your home look fresh! There are plenty of home decor places to browse for light fixtures without spending a small fortune.

Use a Neutral Color Scheme 

Choosing neutral colors for your home decor can create a calming atmosphere for your home. This will also make your home feel more expensive because too many bright colors can busy a room, creating a chaotic environment! We would suggest using throw pillows, small sculptures, candles, and other neutral-colored decorations.

Update Hardware

A quick and inexpensive way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom is to choose new hardware. Gold is really trending right now and is a timeless look when choosing hardware to make your home feel high-end. 

Update Your Outdoor Entryway

Make the entry of your home feel welcoming with a doormat, a wreath, and a few small doorway decorations. Try adding two planters with flowers or plants on each side of your door!

Go BIG With Art

Art is a statement piece that should have its moment. Choose a piece that means something to you but also goes with your theme. You can find fun art at thrift stores or flea markets for an affordable choice...plus, searching through flea markets is like an adult treasure hunt!

Mix Textures

Adding different kinds of textures throughout your home can create a custom look, making your home unique and stand out! A great way to incorporate various textures is through throw blankets and pillows.


Easier said than done...but not when you have cute storage bins, baskets, and other organizers. A good way of thinking when you are trying to declutter is making sure everything has a space and spot to go. If you have so much excess clutter you do not know where to put it, is a good indicator you need to donate and trash some items! Take a day to declutter, you will feel so clear-minded afterward when your home is organized!

We hope you gained a few insightful interior home decoration ideas for an inexpensive way to make your home appear high-end! If you need a few more ideas, our team of interior design experts would love to assist you!

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