Organization Tips for a Clean Home!


Clean home, clean mind. 

How can anyone focus or evoke creativity if your home is a mess? A tidy interior home design environment is important and can affect your mental health. We do not gatekeep here, so if you are looking for ideas on how to organize your home and keep it tidy, we wanted to share our expert tips:

"Catchall" plates, sculptures, and bowls

Catchall plates and bowls are very convenient not only in your bedroom but in your home entryway. These can be the spot your keep your keys in, next to your doorway on a table. It is also nice to have something to put small jewelry in when you don't feel like going to your jewelry box. Having a place to put random but useful everyday items is a must! 


Go to your local Homegoods and you'll find an ample amount of baskets to organize every room of your home. Baskets are so effective because they neatly organize items while looking really nice! This can be the perfect solution to cluttered shelves. Baskets are a great home for your throw blankets, or even sweaters during the colder months.

Have a place for everything

Making sure all the items in your home have a designated storage spot is the best strategy when trying to declutter your home. If you have an overabundance of items that do not have a home, you should consider getting rid of them or donating them. 

Storage bench

Investing in a storage bench is an extremely functional way to organize items. This can be your entryway bench to sit and put on your shoes that are stored inside the bench! 

Home lockers

Home lockers should always be included in homes. These are so useful when you have a family. Have a locker for every family member to store random items you don't want laying around the house. This is a great place to put your purse or backpack!

Hang anything you can

Anything that you can hang and get off the floor of your home is a good idea! Getting clutter off of the floor will instantly open up your home and allow for more functional space. 

Our team at John Elliott Interiors hopes you feel inspired to organize your home with these tips! Creating a clean home, rid of clutter can completely transform your life. Allowing your home to get cluttered can create stress and prevent you from working optimally in and outside of the home. Making sure there is a spot for everything will free you from losing items and spending time looking for things because of the clutter. If you need help with the interior design of your home, just give the interior design experts a call!

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