Decorating Small Spaces


Do you have small spaces in your home and you are just not sure how to decorate it so that it all flows? Whether you are getting ready to move into your first apartment or you have a home with some smaller spaces, finding the perfect way to incorporate décor without overcrowding the space can feel intimidating. Don't worry though, we have some great tips for you to consider! Read on to get tips for decorating those small spaces from the interior design experts.

Vertical Space

When decorating small spaces, it’s important to utilize all the space—that includes vertical space as well. If you’re hanging curtains, hang them a couple inches from the ceiling to make your windows appear longer. If you have vases or little statues that you love, but don’t have enough space on your coffee or side tables to put them on, install a shelf to place them on. This not only fills wall space but allows you to display more of your favorite pieces without the space seeming cluttered.


In addition to lighting, another great way to make a space seem airier is to add plants or flowers. Bringing some natural elements into your room is an affordable way to help lighten up any space. Don’t fret if you don’t have a green thumb though! There are fake plants and succulents that look surprisingly real.

Large Rugs

When filling a small space, don’t put a small rug on the floor. This actually makes the space seem even smaller than it actually is. Instead, choose a rug that covers the majority of the floor that you can place all the big furniture on top of. Doing so creates a cohesive look that helps the space appear larger than it actually is.


One of the keys to making a small space seem airy and open is light. Utilize the natural light that the room has to offer by skipping blackout curtains and instead of using sheer curtains. Along with natural light, if you have room, put either some table or floor lamps in the space. If you’re afraid lamps may make the space seem a little too cluttered, opt-in for some string lights to drape along with the ceilings of the room.


Make your room seem larger than it actually is by taking advantage of the illusion of mirrors. Get some beautiful framed mirrors to hang over furniture as a focal piece or really amplify how big your space seems by putting a full-length mirror in an empty corner. As a fun little addition, string some lights around a mirror to make the most out of your space.

Creative Storage 

Instead of taking up precious space for storage, invest in furniture that doubles as hidden storage. Ottomans and benches that open up are great places to store extra blankets and pillows. If you’re looking for something with even more storage space, beds that have pull out drawers underneath are a great, hidden place to put some away extra stuff you have laying around. (Because let’s be real, nobody’s place is spotless.)

Bold Elements & Statement Pieces 

Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean you can’t use bold patterns, textures, and colors. Whether it's paint or furniture, you can still be a little bold when decorating a small space, just decide on a certain color palette that mixes one bold color in with a couple neutrals. If you are a little weary of going too bold in a room, instead, paint an accent wall or use some bold pieces like pillows or artwork throughout the space. For example, a "bold" element you can add to your dining room could be the chandelier!

Trust The Interior Design Experts 

If you are looking for a way to freshen up your small space, head to John Elliott Interiors! We have plenty of home interior design examples for you to look through to make your home look beautiful. 

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