Get Your Outdoor Area Ready for Independence Day!


If you need ideas to decorate your house for the 4th of July, then these 4th of July decor ideas should give you plenty of inspiration! As the
best interior design company around is it our professional opinion that fourth of July decorations should be fun and playful! Your guests should feel at home and comfortable for hours of celebration festivities! Here are a few ways to get started:

Set the tone on the front porch

A great first impression goes a long way! Consider the front of your home like the smile on your face when you meet someone new for the first time. You’re likely throwing the get-together in the backyard but decorating the front porch or patio area of your home can get guests excited about the party and set the right tone for the rest of the day!


Clean up your backyard.

When your guests walk into your home, you need to already have a welcoming and clean environment they can feel comfortable in for a while. You do not want to present a backyard that’s off-putting from the moment guests arrive. Make sure you set aside time before the party to take care of the landscaping and yard work you’ve been putting off. Something as simple as a fresh-cut lawn can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your outdoor patio area.


Help your guests feel comfortable with a cozy and safe seating arrangement.

Giving your guests a comfortable place to retreat and relax should be the priority! Consider your current set-up, does your furniture provide enough area for visitors to get comfortable? If not, make sure there is enough seating arranged in a “circle” shape to encourage mingling. These are important factors to consider as you plan and prepare for the party.

Outdoor Entertainment!

This is the fun part! First, make sure there is music on when your guests arrive. Make sure that there are plenty of things to do when they get there. The fourth of July is a celebration of our country’s freedoms so make it a party! Set out activities such as cornhole to encourage people to have fun and interact with each other, stress-free!

Set out a table full of snacks and drinks, even if you do plan on grilling a meal! This way, everyone can help themselves, which also benefits the host! But make it 4th of July themed, with a red, white, and blue tablecloth, cutlery, plates, cups, and other table decorations!

Set out a “favor table” with sparklers, hats and masks for pictures, and other items that bring in all-night celebration vibes!

If you have enough room, consider even showing off your own fireworks display! Your guests will be wanting to come back every year.

Have Fun with Red, White and Blue Color Scheme!

At the end of the day, you can’t let the meaning of the party fall by the wayside. Don’t forget to show off your patriotism with red, white, and blue decor and accessories inside and outside! The plasticware, cups, and other paper products, as well as streamers and balloons, are necessary, but you can also incorporate stylish design features into your cozy setup as well. A gorgeous patriotic area rug can bring comfort to your feet while a few red and white throw pillows on the patio furniture can set the tone for the party if the goal is to sit back, relax and celebrate!


Contact The Expert Interior Design Pros!

If you do not feel confident on doing this yourself or simply just do not have the time, we got your back! We have a great team of interior design professionals that have great ideas up their sleeves! Just give us a call and we will put together an outdoor area that your guests will never want to leave! The Fourth of July will be here before you know it. Contact your experienced interior design experts today to get started. Happy 4th of July!

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