Dining Room Design Tips.


 Dining rooms are the star of the show this season! From fall crafts to large family dinners... dining rooms are often the center of the home during the holidays. As the best interior design company at the Lake of the OzarksJohn Elliott Interiors is here to help bring you all the inspiration and expertise you need to have a dining room that wows this season. Keep reading to learn more! 

Focal Point

To center the design in your dining room, select a light fixture that enhances the style of the rest of the room. The fixture doesn't have to exactly match the pattern and style of your furniture. If your dining room table is made with rustic, sturdy wood, then a sleek, black chandelier could add the perfect contrast to your design. Another way to add a focal point that draws the room together is to choose a beautiful piece of artwork. John Elliott Interiors has gorgeous and fun pieces to choose from. One of our experts would love to help you choose the perfect artwork for your dining room décor.

Make the Most of the Space

If your home doesn't have a full dining room, there are still several great options. If there is an open corner near your kitchen, create a cozy "breakfast" nook with corner booth benches and a compact table. Accent the space with decorative, comfortable pillows for a pop of color. Create a dining space at your kitchen island by lining tall, stylish stools on one side. To make it feel more like a separate space, lay place settings at each stool with a cloth napkin or other decorative element.

Go Bold

The dining room is a great place to make a statement. If you love floral patterns but have a hard time committing to such a bold design in your main living space, try it out in your dining room. Wallpaper is a fantastic way to define the design concept in your dining room. Create an accent wall with textured wallpaper to bring an intimate, chic vibe to the space. Upholster your chairs in bright or patterned fabric for a striking look. You could also go with a bright color that makes a big impression with great wall art for added interest. 

Unique Seating

Branch out from traditional dining room seating for a unique design concept that will wow your guests. Round chairs can create a contrast to a long rectangular table. For a clean, modern look, go with clear seats that create an effortlessly chic design. A live edge bench is a beautiful cross-section of a tree that is dried and sealed to create outstanding furniture. Use one of these pieces on one side and cushioned chairs on the other side for a luxurious contrast. The stylish seating options are endless!

Hire an Expert

If designing your home for guests seems too overwhelming or you just need that professional touch this season, call John Elliott Interiors for the best interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks! Even if you have most of the design completed, but need a few final details and artwork, be sure to visit our high-end interior décor store in Lake Ozark.

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