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Fall is a beautiful time of year. Even though it means the summer season of boating and barbecuing is over, there is still a lot of fun and enjoyment to be had in autumn. John Elliott Interiors is the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we are here with the tips you need to decorate your home for this crisp Fall season!

Fall Accents

Bring the Outdoors Inside
Bringing the outdoors inside is always a great idea. You don't need to go with the cliché of pinecones if you don't want to. Instead, cut thin twigs, wispy grasses, and branches of cotton for a beautiful bouquet that illustrates the warmth of the season. Another great way to bring more nature and warmth into your home would be to change out your modern photos frames for rustic wooden frames. 

Textures and Patterns
Accent pillows and throws let you layer fall colors over your current interior design. You can easily change out curtains and lampshades with each season too, and consider keeping a collection of art that allows you to replace pieces to match the seasonal looks of each room. Plaids are popular this time of year, but you don't have to use plaid to portray fall décor. Instead, you can use pillows covered in soft, thick fabric that looks warm and cozy. Crocheted blankets and knitted decorative pillows can give you the feeling of warmth and tradition for a cozy autumn season. 

Decorations for Halloween

It can be difficult to decorate for Halloween without resorting to cheesy childish decorations. Sometimes these decorations make for a great time, and can attract a lot of visitors to your home on Halloween night. But if you are looking for less of a trick and more of a treat, try one of these ideas... For a bold, spooky feel, choose Victorian themed pieces, dark textured fabrics, aged candles, and smoke stained glass as accents in your current home design. For a lighter take on Halloween, stick to a bright, neutral palette of grey, cream, and white. White pumpkins allude to the Halloween theme without fighting against your traditional décor with their standard bright orange color.

Use the Colors of the Season

You don't have to completely remodel every season to enjoy a beautiful home interior that celebrates the time of year. One of the ways to make a big change without spending a lot of time, money, or effort is to focus on colors. Use the colors of the changing leaves as inspiration... 

Deep Reds
Darker reds bring a beautiful depth to a fall interior design color scheme. You'll find wonderful shades to mimic the leaves of the trees outside. Other places to find the perfect red hues for this time of year come from common seasonal items like cranberries, cinnamon, or a red mulled wine. Rust-colored reds often used for rustic décor work perfectly too.

Yellow & Orange
While understated shades of most colors reflect nature best this time of year, you can add a few bright pops of color like the bright yellow and orange leaves that emerge before they fall off the trees. Of course, deep mustard yellows and burnt oranges look incredible too. The many different hues found in campfires offer lots of inspiration as well.

Forest Green
Evergreens last beautifully throughout every season, so working a forest green color into nature-inspired décor can work well year-round. The richness of this color especially complements the other tones that give the shades of autumn their warm look and feel.

Rich earth tones also work beautifully with the colors we have already mentioned above. Once the leaves have changed colors and fallen to the ground, they usually turn brown before becoming part of the soil. You will also see so much more of the trees and their bark as leaves fall away. Not only is brown a very fall color, but brown shades also make an excellent base color that works wonderfully with several different accent colors.

Best Interior Design Company

With every change in season, you get the chance to change up the look in your rooms. At John Elliott Interiors, our team members are experts in creating beautiful spaces, and we are excited to help you design your space to celebrate fall. Visit our showroom soon to find out exactly what we can do for you!

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