7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Designing Any Room


If you have decided to redecorate a room in your home, or if you are currently trying to decide how to decorate a brand new empty room, the multitude of choices can make the task seem intimidating. It doesn't have to be. John Elliott Interiors has 7 simple questions for you to ask yourself that will make your final decision much clearer and easier to come to.  

What do you love about the current room?
In the space that you are currently living in, look around and pick out the things about it that you absolutely love. Even if you won't be keeping those particular things, they can point you in the direction of looking for something similar. If you enjoy the flow of the room, look for pieces that will lend to a comparable flow for the redesign. The things you enjoy right now will point you in the right direction for a new room design you will love. 

What do you hate about it?
Also look around and zero in on the things that you do not like about your current living space. It could be something you originally though you loved, but didn't work out the way you expected in reality. These are the "stay away from" furniture and design elements for your new space. Don't make the same mistake twice.  

Do you have a favorite piece to design around? 
Beginning your room design with a focal piece you want to include is a wonderful source of inspiration. It could be a painting, a large piece of furniture, a chandelier, or even a particularly scenic window with a great view. When you already know what the main focal point in the room will be, you can more easily find items that complement it to complete your overall design. 

Do you have an inspiration room?
Looking through magazines and searching online allows you to see how others have put their rooms together. Start collecting photos of your favorite ones. Don't overthink it. If you like the look of it, add it to the list. Once you have a few collected, go through them and find elements that they all have in common. It's an excellent way to discover the ideas you love most, even though you may not have been conciously aware of it. You don't have to imitate your favorite rooms exaclty. Use them to steer you toward a certain look and feel. 

What are your favorite/least favorite colors?
This is another desgin element that can help to guide you toward specific pieces for your new room. When you begin shopping, make sure to let your interior design specialist know how you feel about certain colors. This will allow them to avoid showing you certain pieces, or possibly alert them to let you know if a piece you love is available with a different fabric. Deciding how you feel about certain things such as color, and letting others know those feelings, will help to make sure that you don't miss any possiblilties. 

How will this room be used?
The way that the room you are designing will be used will make a big difference in the types of furniture you will want to have in there. Will it be a room for entertaining guests, or a space for you to relax and escape from the rest of the world? Does anyone that will be using that room have any special needs to consider? If there is an elderly person in a wheelchair that needs extra space to move around, or small children that could hurt themselves on sharp corners. this will affect the items you choose. 

What type of feeling should the room give off?
Different styles and colors evoke a variety of feelings when you are around them. If you are designing a family room where everyone will hang out together to watch television or play games, you will want that room to have a relaxed and comforting feel. On the other hand, if you are designing a formal dining room, you may want to strive for a more elegant and refined look and feel for that space. Once you decide how you will be using each room, you can look for pieces that give you the feeling you desire for it.

Knowing the answers to these questions before you start shopping can help to make your final decisions much easier. Our Lake of the Ozarks interior design specialists are always here to help if you need more guidance. Simply let us know what your vision for your home is, and we will guide you toward the pieces that will make that dream a reality. If you haven't quite decided on a particular vision yet, the sample room setups inside John Elliott Interiors may be just the inspriration you need. Come into the store soon and have a look around.  

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