5 Tips For Designing A Bedroom You Can Enjoy


While many of the rooms in your home are decorated for others to enjoy along with you, the bedroom is a space that should be designed especially for you. When designing a beautiful bedroom, you should strive to make it a place where you can relax and refresh. You'll find the gorgeous pieces you need at our Lake of the Ozarks luxury furniture store, and today's blog has a few tips to help you choose the perfect ones. 

Use Room Size For Guidance
If the bedroom that you are designing is a small space, large pieces of furniture could be too much for it to hold, and on the other hand, if you have a large bedroom with plenty of space to fill, small pieces of furniture will look lost in it. Scale the size of the pieces you choose to the size of the room for a balanced look. For rooms with ceilings that are particularly high, visually bring it down by using beds with tall headboards and bookshelves or an armoire that is tall. A good bedroom needs a bed, 1 or 2 bedside tables, and a dresser. When space allows, you can begin adding more items like a comfy chair or possibly a bench at the end of the bed. 

Make It Easy To Move Around
Scaling your furniture to the room size will help with this tip. It is also wise to try to keep at least 3 feet between the bed and the side walls. Also strive to have at least 2 feet between low furniture such as bedside tables, dressers, and chairs. Not crowding everything together too much will help to give you that open, more relaxing feeling a bedroom should have. 

Think Storage
It is very difficult to design a room to be a serene getaway when there is a lot of stuff scattered all around. Good storage solutions allow you to keep your belongings put away and out of sight, relieving the stress that too much clutter can cause. There are many excellent pieces of furniture for this purpose at John Elliott Interiors for your bedroom that are not only beautiful to look at but also functional.  

Choose Color Wisely
The colors that you choose for your bedroom can make a big difference in the feeling you get while you are in there. For the walls, serene shades of blues and greens are the most common, while bolder colors like deep purples and rich reds are best used in other rooms of your home. 

When you go for more neutral tones, it will allow you to add pops of color with bedding, rugs, and accessories to spice things up. It's a lot easier to make quick-changes often to the look of your bedroom by switching out those things rather than the larger pieces of furniture. 

Include Several Lighting Options
In your bedroom, as well as all of the rooms in your home, "layering" the lighting is a wonderful idea. Small bedside lamps, floor lamps in the corner, and possibly accent lighting over a beautiful piece of artwork all lend to different vibes at different times, depending on how they are used together.

Generally, the furniture that you buy to decorate your bedroom with will be in that room for many years to come. That can make it intimidating to try to find the perfect pieces. Let our Lake of the Ozarks interior decorating experts help. The combination of your personal style along with the experience of the John Elliott Interiors team is the perfect blend for creating a space where you are excited to lay your head every evening, and happy to wake up to each day.    

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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