5 Decorating Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Home This Year


Following trends can be a fun way to decorate your space, but if you follow them too strongly, you may look back in a few years and wish for an update. However, there are ways that you can take the trends of today and make the timeless for your home and style, which is exactly what the team at John Elliott Interiors intends to do. 2018 is filled with bold colors, luxurious textures, romantic accents, and natural materials. This is truly a timeless style, so with a little bit of tweaking to make it yours, you can find something that you will LOVE - at least until the next trend that sparks your interest hits the market!

Dramatic Colors

While white, gray, and beige walls have been all of the rage for many years now, you may start to notice “moody” wall colors in homes now. From dark grays to black and navy blends, you may start to notice that wall colors are getting darker. If you’ve always dreamt of using a dark color in your Lake of the Ozarks home, now is the time to be brave and do it! You’ll want to try it in a room that is flooded with light or maybe just on an accent wall. If you aren’t sure what shade would be perfect for your space, come speak with our decorators, they can help you choose the best and most dramatic shade.

Heart of Stone

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so they say, and if you pay attention to rising trends, you’ll notice that stone textures are making a grand entrance in this well-used room! One of the most unique ways you may see stone appear in a kitchen is on the sink. While stainless steel and ceramic sinks have been the most wanted, soapstone is starting to make a grand appearance. Plus, it also stands up well to most cleaners.

Geometric Shapes

You’ll be seeing the geometric shapes all over the home, from the tile in the bathroom to ceiling paper in fun colors. This is a very trendy design style, and something that you may want to change in the future, BUT, if you love it now, tear are ways you can incorporate it without doing an overhaul on your space. You can look for rugs with geometric shapes, pillow, or even tableware. If you still want to incorporate the shapes in a more permanent way, you can get the wallpaper to accent a wall. It’s not permanent but can still add a fun texture.

Luxurious Materials

While you may see more rustic materials on the market like concrete or sun bleached wood, you will also notice that velvet furniture and fringe accents are making an appearance in homes. While these may not be for everyone, you can also make use of the luxurious materials by adding more vintage brass accents and lighting fixtures can’t add the impeccable style.

Bold Colors

In an age where white and gray ruled the color palette, we are seeing BOLD color schemes hit the stage. If you’ve always dreamt of including a bright mustard yellow into your home, or a romantic blush pink, or bright, fiery red - you will be seeing a LOT of options now. These colors go from the furniture to the accents, and even wall colors, so don’t be afraid to let your favorite colors shine brightly.

Did you know that red furniture is all the rage this year??

Create Your Space

Your space is as unique as you are - that’s why we love to help you make it everything that it can be. Our decorators can help you narrow down your style, find pieces that match (while also using pieces you already have), to create a space that is as eclectic, elegant, unique, and luxurious as you are. Visit our newly remodeled website to learn more about what we can do to each of your spaces, and don’t forget to swing into our Lake of the Ozarks furniture showroom to see what we have available.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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