5 Tips for Accessorizing the Rooms in Your Home


When you are furnishing a room at the Lake of the Ozarks, style is a factor but the functionality is incredibly important. When you move on to choosing accessories for a room, that's where you can focus completely on the look of the items that you choose. Home accents are an excellent way to personalize a room. They can tell a story or highlight your interests and hobbies. John Elliott Interiors has a few tips to help you accessorize your home and create rooms that are all yours.

Pay Attention to Scale
Bigger pieces of furniture can handle a large accessory on them, but you don't want the accent piece to overwhelm what it is sitting upon. In a similar fashion, you don't want to place a couple of small objects alone on a large shelf because they will look lost and out of place. It is okay to have empty spaces here and there though so that you are not giving everyone too much to look at. This will add to the balance of the room.  

Use Color Creatively 
The accessories in a room can be used to bring out a dominant color that is already present, or they can instead enhance it with other complimentary colors or shades. If the room has a neutral palette, your home accents can be used to add a "pop" of color where there is none. Adding color to a room only with the accessories used makes it easy to switch them out when the mood strikes you, giving the room a fresh feel without an entire remodel. 

Use What You've Got
As we mentioned above, home accessories can highlight your interests or hobbies, or they can tell a story, like a trip you took or your family's history. Look around your home for things that you already possess. A seemingly regular object can be displayed in an artistic or interesting way to create an intriguing arrangement. We have many beautiful accent pieces in our Lake of the Ozarks luxury furniture store that will allow you to display some of your keepsakes in a decorative way.   

Group Items Together
Clusters of similar items make for a much more interesting display than if you were to take many like pieces and scatter them around the room. Each grouping should have a common thread that ties them together. It could be a texture or color scheme, or it could be a chance to showcase something that you collect. 

No Need For Symmetry 
You can achieve balance in a room without making everything in it too matchy-matchy. While symmetry is good for hanging wall art (although there are exceptions for arrangements that look excellent a bit off-kilter) your home accents will have a better flow if they are not completely symmetrical to each other. 

Use odd numbers of items when you group them, and have taller objects on one side of your mantel with shorter ones on the other. Instead of putting only books on a shelf, break up the monotony by adding home accents between books and even placed on top of a stack of books. 

Accessorizing the rooms in your home should be fun, so don't stress over it. When you find a piece that catches your eye, find a place for it. John Elliott Interiors is a fantastic place to find inspiration for the look and feel that you want your rooms to have. 

If you have more questions, our interior design experts at the Lake of the Ozarks are happy to offer advice. Let your personality shine through the home accent pieces you display and your rooms will have a friendly and inviting feeling for everyone that visits your home.  

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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