How to Create the Ultimate Summer Poolside Entertainment Experience


Pools are often at the center of many summertime events! Making use of the outdoor space with splashy decor and entertainment adds to the festive, warm-weather atmosphere. John Elliott Interiors has years of experience when it comes to creating the ultimate poolside experience this summer for our customers. From floating masterpieces to pool toys, here are a few ways to enhance a summer pool party experience.


Let’s start with seating since every great pol party starts with some yummy food and snacks! Make sure there are plenty of places for people to gather and sit to eat. Also, ensure there is ample lounging seating as well for those who like to bask in the sun. You should also think about extra accents tables for people to stand around or use next to the pool. The outdoor entertaining area should be arranged in a way that brings people together and makes everyone feel comfortable! John Elliott Interiors has some great examples we would love to share with you!


Pool parties welcome the warm weather and get people excited for summer! Make sure the moment your guests walk outside they see some pool décor, including pool toys…they count! Pool toys are a fun and lighthearted way to invite people into the pool for some fun. If you are holding an evening event, make sure lighting is everywhere to really amp up the pool party atmosphere! You can add décor in subtle ways for a casual pool party or bring in the balloons and party favors for a special event. Get creative!


Have the music already pumping as people gradually show up, no one wants to walk into an awkwardly quiet pool party! Make a playlist ahead of time, filled with your summer jam songs playing back-to-back!


Every great pool party has the best snacks! You can choose to grill a meal that can feed a crowd paired with light snacks that’ll be okay to sit out. Make it refreshing and easy for people to grab and go. Creative party cups is a great way to encourage people to try fun drinks, poolside. Make sure you have a few options for people who have food sensitivities or allergies. You could even make fun labels to avoid all the food questions!



There are many ways to add an element of entertaining to your party other than music. Here are a few examples you can try: 
  • For a laid-back pool party that will take you and your guests long into the night, project a movie onto an outdoor wall or with an inflatable screen that floats in the pool along with you. Create a real theater atmosphere by adding some LED lighting and, of course, a popcorn station!
  • Party games! 
  • Pool Volleyball: make sure to have a legit net installed or get an inflatable net. 
  • Pool games!
  • Photo Booth, so your guest to always remember this exciting event!


  • A good party has all the little details involved! 
  • Set out towels on the loungers and in baskets so anyone who forgot a towel has no worries. 
  • Make sure there are a few trash cans in sight to avoid littering.
  • Set out a large cooler full of a variety of drinks, including water. 
  • Set out an array of beverage drinks for your guests to choose from!

Hopefully, you gained some interesting ways to create the ultimate poolside experience. If you are unsure of how you would set up the furniture and outdoor décor, you are in luck! John Elliott Interiors has a keen eye for décor and especially for your summer entertainment area! Get your outdoor space ready for the ultimate poolside entertainment experience for you and your guests to enjoy all summer long!

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