4 Kitchens That’ll Make You Want to Redo Yours!


 The kitchen is the area of your home that has the potential to inspire culinary creativity! It can really make or break your love for cooking. There are so many ways to update your kitchen based on your style and preferences. John Elliott Interiors can make your kitchen dreams come to life! Let’s look at a few different kitchens that’ll make you want to redo yours!  

This kitchen perfectly incorporates a modern and homey environment. Take notice of the LED lined ceiling. This is an upcoming kitchen trend and can also be used under your cabinets to brighten things up. Another highlight of this kitchen is all of the natural lighting from the large windows and doors. Natural lighting is energy efficient and gives your kitchen space!  

Key Elements:

Open concept

Wood inspired island

LED lined ceiling trim

Natural lighting from windows and doors

We love the open concept here. The color scheme here is light and airy, giving off a modern feel. A great way to give an illusion of space is the color white. It is timeless and brightens up the room. The granite island is the perfect transition from the kitchen to the dining area and separates the colors wonderfully. Another highlight here is the glowing cabinets! Lighting can truly elevate your kitchen in the best way!

Key elements:

Glowing cabinets
Bright color scheme
Modern design 

This kitchen is fun play on textures and patterns. If done right, combining textures, colors, and patterns can make your kitchen unique set apart from the traditional kitchen feel. Also, having an alcoholic fridge in your kitchen is always a talking point! The chairs themselves are statement piece and is made of wood legs, bringing in a touch of a rustic component. 

Key elements:

Bold patterns
Fun textures
Black cabinets contrast the backsplash and creates a moody feel

This is the epitome of a modern kitchen. The white/grey marble paired with stainless steel appliances adds a contemporary ambiance everyone will love. The backsplash ties everything together, providing your kitchen with beautiful textures as well as unique patterns. The back of the chair matches perfectly with the backsplash. Adding some plants in this kitchen would allow for a natural color that would flawlessly contrast the modern feel.

Key elements:

Marble island and cabinets
Modern color scheme consists of white and grey pairings
Stainless steel appliances add to the grey color scheme

Would was your favorite kitchen? John Elliott Interiors designed and executed each kitchen shown in this blog. We hope this convinced you enough to update your kitchen! Whether you want to completely redo your kitchen or add a few key elements described above, we want to make it happen for you! Visit our website to view more of our interior design work that you can incorporate into your home. With summer right around the corner, it would be the ideal time to update your kitchen!

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