Design Your Outdoor Space for Summer!


You've been getting your home ready for the warm season, but what about your outside space? Now that the weather is warming up, it's a good time to consider what you what your outdoor living area to look like. How will you use the space? Will you be entertaining large groups of people, or will it typically just be you and your significant other cuddling by a firepit? John Elliott Interiors is the best interior designer at the Lake of the Ozarks and we are skilled in designing many different kinds of spaces. Keep reading to find some great inspiration for the perfect outdoor space this summer!

Add Plants for Color

You can easily add your favorite colors to an outdoor living space with seat cushions and accessories, but don't forget to take advantage of some natural pops of color as well. Flowers not only make your patio area look stunning but they also make the yard smell amazing. Even if you live in a condo without a yard, add some beautiful blooms in pots instead.

If you don't have a green thumb, try succulents instead of traditional flowers. They are super trendy and require little to no effort! Succulents thrive on sunlight and only need a little bit of water. They live for a long time too, so they are the perfect no-fuss plants for a vacation home.

Create Shaded Areas

On hot summer days, sometimes the only way to be comfortable is by spending time in shade. Adding a pergola to your patio creates shelter from the summer heat, while still making it cozy enough to enjoy through the fall. A pergola also creates a comfortable 'room' and can be used to separate a seating area from the rest of the outdoor space. Even the addition of a large, beautifully decorated umbrella over an outdoor table can give you some much-needed shade from hot summer rays.

Bring the Bar Outside

Outdoor bars are all the rage at the Lake of the Ozarks! Spend time enjoying a cool drink in the hot weather with your friends and loved ones. A bar space could be anything from a wet bar and full refrigerator with tiki bar decorations... to a simple high table and bar stools for enjoying time together. Think about how you want to spend time outside and design your outdoor bar around that! 

Update the Lighting

As the temperatures continue to get hotter during the day, you'll be more likely to spend time outdoors in the evenings. Proper lighting makes that experience a lot more pleasant. Use downward facing lights to create a warmer and gentler glow than upward facing bulbs. Replace your old light fixtures with new ones for a cozier atmosphere. Many people don't think to update their outdoor light fixtures and spend years with outdated lights. Hanging string lights or lanterns are also an easy way to light up the patio for a summer party and create a great atmosphere for spending time outdoors.

Get Fired Up

Fire features create the perfect centerpiece. They can provide a perfect smores spot that your kids will love, and they serve as a great gathering place for a group of friends to swap stories and share a few laughs. Fire features are more than eye candy, though. They can also be useful for several other reasons. In fact, the smoke from your fire pit is a natural mosquito repellent and the warmth will keep you out on your patio enjoying the outdoors even when cold breezes blow in.

Best Designer at the Lake 

John Elliott Interiors is the best design company at the Lake of the Ozarks. Even though we focus on interiors, we are also experts in creating outdoor spaces of your dreams! Create the perfect date night spot for you and your significant other to cozy up on cool evenings. Design a refreshing space for fun parties with your friends to visit and enjoy all summer long. Come visit our store to find great outdoor furniture, or give us a call to set up a consultation for your very own design! 

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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