The Shades of Sleep


In this busy age, it's so important to have a place where you can retreat to relax. A safe zone where you can sleep, dream, relax, and rejuvenate. This place may change depending on the person, but for many, this all happens in the bedroom. Did you know that the colors of your walls can affect the way you sleep? There are many studies that have been done to showcase that the shade of your wall can make an impact not just on your mood but also on your sleep cycle. Check out this cool info about the BEST colors for your room, down to the WORST colors.

The Best & Worst Colors for Your Room

It may be obvious that blue and green are at the top of the list, but did you realize that brown could be inhibiting your sleep? Check out this list in order from best to worst to see how your room ranks:

1. Blue
2. Yellow
3. Green
4. Silver
5. Orange
6. Red
7. Gold
8. Gray
9. Brown
10. Purple

Thoughts to Ponder While Painting

If you're going to be painting your room soon, it's worth it to seriously consider the colors you choose. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you stand and stare blankly at the color wall at your home improvement store:

Be Zen

When choosing the colors for your bedroom, you want the overall feel to be relaxing and peaceful. When you walk into your bedroom, if you don't automatically feel that way, it may be time for a color change. Blues and greens are obviously the top picks but even if those aren't your favorite, you can still choose peaceful shades. 

Steer Clear of Crazy

While your inner colors may be all about bold purples, rich reds, and exciting yellows, it may be better to incorporate those colors into your kitchen, office, or hobby nook. If you really must have bold colors in your room, try to mute them down by using a calmer shade of the color or only using it on one wall as an accent. Another idea would be to use that color on your pillows, lamps, and photos instead of flooding the room with it.

Don't Forget About The Baby Bedroom

While it's easy to use these pieces of advice in your bedroom, don't forget about the kid's bedrooms! So many want to splash fun and exciting colors all over the bedroom that your child sleeps in, but don't forget that sleep deprivation in children is just as bad as it is for adults. While it may be tempting to paint your princesses room bright pink or your little fireman's room bold red - try to keep the tones muted and save the bold colors for their playroom.


At John Elliott Interiors, we know that finding a balance between your personal style and the vibe of the room can be challenging. Because of this, we provide the best interior decorating at the Lake of the Ozarks to help you speak the perfect language of your space. Create a home that is both energizing and relaxing. A place you love to play and sleep. Our Lake of the Ozarks interior designer is ready to help - come see us!

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