5 Tips for Choosing and Hanging Artwork


If you want to make an impact in your space through artwork, you’ll have to start by shopping for the perfect piece for your home. While that sounds easy enough, it can actually be harder than you might think. After you find the pieces you want, you’ll then have to decide how to hang and display those pieces to their fullest potential! At John Elliott Interiors, we carry over 400 pieces of original artwork from artists both local and worldwide in our home interiors store at the Lake of the Ozarks. Here are a few tips for choosing your perfect piece, and then finding the best spot in your home for it.

1. Search For a Black & White Piece

While we ALWAYS love to add some color to a space, there’s something special and dramatic about finding a piece that is only black and white. These pieces can convey a special story, while also bringing something into your room that can’t be achieved in another way. Not to mention, black and white can work just about anywhere because there are no colors to compete.

2. Trust Your Instinct

Do you find yourself drooling over a piece that may be a little bold for your taste, or maybe doesn’t go exactly with the rest of your home? Trust yourself! If you love it, buy it. There is obviously something about the piece that is speaking to you. Even if you don’t think it will work while in the store - you may be surprised once you get it on the wall. Sometimes a piece just needs to reflect the rest of your home before it truly fits in.

3. Balance Bold and Minimalistic

When choosing the artwork for your home, try to keep a balance of bold and minimalistic. While we’re the first to showcase what a lot of bold can look like in a space, it’s a little different in our showroom versus your home. You may be better off finding a few bold pieces to showcase the language of your room, and then find a few pieces that keep the minimal feel - there’s a balance when putting up art, and when you find your balance, you’ll have a home that is in harmony.

4. Mix Antique and Modern

There’s nothing so fun as mixing and matching some different styles to create something that is uniquely YOU! A fun one to start with, if you haven’t tried mixing styles, is antique and modern. Antique frames around modern pieces, antique art with your modern furniture, or even modern art with your antique furniture. The options are endless when it comes to combining two different styles int one incredible look.

5. Consider Scale

The scale of your artwork in your home makes a big impact. You don’t want to find a piece that is either too large or too small. However, if you are determined to use something that is small or larger than would be normal - go big or go home, so to speak. If you’re going to go with an abnormal size, make it exceptionally out of the ordinary. Otherwise, choose a piece that fits the school of your wall. Large wall = large artwork, small wall = small art.

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