Tips For Using Red, White, & Blue in Your Interior Design


Since the 4th of July is on everyone's minds this time of year, it seemed like the perfect time for John Elliott Interiors to focus on 3 colors in particular that you might want to include in your interior design - red, white, and blue. These colors work beautifully and patriotically together, and each evokes a certain ambiance on their own. Our interior design experts at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to help you decide the best way to use each, but the tips in today's blog may give you a head start on the one, or more, you prefer to highlight. 

Red is a bold and exciting color that can really make a statement. It is considered to be a color of romance and passion, warmth and comfort, and a color that heightens the senses. When used on the walls, it can make a room feel more intimate. This works best in a space with high ceilings and lots of natural light. Used as a decorative accent color on a rug or pillows, it works well to perk up a neutral color palette. An earthy shade of red can warm a room, and a softer shade can bring a coziness to it. Reds with an orange tint can bring energy to a space.  

White tends to bring about feelings of purity, simplicity, and freshness. When used as the main color in a room, it can make a small area feel larger and more spacious. Too much white can tend to make a room feel cold and sterile, but the use of accent colors throughout the space can help to veer the feel of your interior design in a specific direction away from that. That cold feeling can also be tamed by layering different tones of white together as well as different textures. 

A creamier white is wonderful for a more traditional look, while a brighter white can give a room a more modern feel. Placing white furniture and rugs in a room can be scary because they will show dirt more than a darker color will. If that's a problem for your lifestyle but you find a piece of white furniture you simply can't resist, just make sure that it is a material that can be easily spot-cleaned if necessary.   

Depending on the shade of blue used, it can evoke feelings of calmness, serenity, security, and order. The color has been known to lower the pulse rate and body temperature of people, lending to its calming effect. This makes it a good color to use in the bedroom if you want that space to be a relaxing and peaceful getaway.  On the flip side, it is also said to be a color that promotes productivity, so it is often used to decorate an office. 

When you choose a favorite color to feature in a room, the talented experts at our luxury furniture store at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you decide the best shade and way to use that color to get the look and feel you want the room to have. The John Elliott Interiors showroom is filled with many different pieces in a wide variety of styles so that you can find exactly what you love most.

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