7 Hot Tips for Updating Your Patio this Summer


Summer evenings are best enjoyed outside on a comfortable patio.  Everyone loves a good bbq, and taking your guests outdoors makes entertaining easier while keeping the kids happy.  But, if you're like most people, your patio has gotten a little worn out and forgotten after not being used all winter.  We've put together a list of easy tips for updating your patio that will have you spending time outside all summer long.  If you need help bringing your dream indoor or outdoor space to life, contact John Elliot Interiors, the premier interior designer at the Lake of the Ozarks.

1. Swap out Old Lighting

Downward facing lights create a warmer and gentler glow than upward facing bulbs.  Replace your old light fixtures with new ones that set a cozier atmosphere.  Hanging string lights or lanterns are an easy way to light up a patio for a summer party, or bring out all your candles and lanterns for a laid-back, romantic evening.

2. Create Shade with a Pergola

On sweltering summer days, sometimes the only way to be comfortable outside is with a little bit of shade.  Adding a pergola to your patio creates shelter from the summer heat, and makes it cozy enough to enjoy through the fall.  A pergola also creates a comfortable 'room' and can be used to separate a seating area from the rest of the outdoor space.  Whether you want a little separation from the kids or some privacy from the neighbors, a pergola is a great addition to an outdoor space.

3. Use Multitasking Storage

Sometimes the patio becomes a catchall for everything from garden tools to pool toys.  By using multitasking storage, you can remove clutter and add unique and functional design touches. You can create your own storage with fun DIY fixes like using a latticework to hang garden tools.  Letting us help you find luxurious outdoor furniture pieces, that also double as storage, saves space and looks great. 

4. Bring the Bar Outside

If you aren't able to build a full outdoor bar, or you're entertaining before your master plans have come into full effect, create a temporary bar area.  You can use outdoor shelving, a bar height table, drink cart, or DIY drink station to hold your summer beverages.  All you really need to keep your guests entertained is an ice bucket, serving station, and plenty of delicious cocktails.

5. Go Wild with Textiles

The more textiles on your patio, the cozier it will feel.  Adding an area rug to your outdoor space can instantly make it feel more comfortable and stylish.  New pillows can freshen up your patio furniture and add a pop of color.  Throw blankets can help transition your patio into fall or keep you warm on a chilly summer night.  Textiles are also a great way to quickly and cheaply update your existing patio with hardly any effort.

6. Spice Up Your Garden

Starting an herb garden is a fun way to add a little green to your patio, especially if you don't have a lot of space for a whole garden.  Not only do they smell great, but they'll taste amazing in your cooking.  If you don't have the time or the green thumb for herbs, try succulents instead.  They are super trendy and require little to no effort.  Succulents thrive on sunlight, only need a little water, and live for a long time, so they are the perfect no-fuss plants for a vacation home.  

7. Get Fired Up

Fire features create the perfect centerpiece and gathering place for your patio.  If you want to have the perfect smores spot that your kids will love,  you can build a rustic, in-ground stone fire pit.  For a more refined feature that your friends will rave about, try a propane fire table.  Fire features are more than eye candy.  The smoke from your fire pit is a natural mosquito repellent, and the warmth will keep you out on your patio well into late fall.

With these easy updates, you can make your outdoor patio your favorite gathering place. Whether you want to make it a cozy spot for date night, the perfect place for entertaining guests, or a way to get the whole family to spend time together outside, these tips are sure to help.  Our interior design experts at the Lake of the Ozarks are always available to offer inspiration and advice.  From updating your style to an entire makeover, together we can create the home of your dreams.  Visit us for your luxury home furnishings at the Lake of the Ozarks.

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