Home Office Organization Tips For Functionality and Beauty


Many people think that they would love to be able to work from home, but until you start setting up your own home office, you don't realize how intrusive it can be on your personal life. Our Lake of the Ozarks interior designers have some experience with setting up home offices that are completely functional when they need to be, yet warm and inviting when you're ready to put the work away for the day. 

You need an area where you can feel inspired and productive, but since it's still a part of your home, it should also be comfortable and inviting. We carry the furnishings for your home office at the Lake of the Ozarks to bring about the luxurious look and feel you deserve, and the following tips will help you to keep everything organized. 

Extra Desk Space
One excellent way to keep yourself productive is to have an organized workspace on the top of your desk, free of too much clutter. There are ways to make your desktop seem bigger. For example, placing a small shelf or monitor stand on your desktop allows you to place your laptop or computer monitor on top of it, freeing up extra space underneath that shelf. This also lifts your screen to a better eye level for a more comfortable view and even an improvement in your posture.

Desk lamps are another thing that may be necessary, but take up quite a bit of your workspace. Instead, hang pendant lighting above your desk or place a decorative floor lamp close by. Desks with plenty of drawers also allow you to keep things nearby yet off of the top of your desk.   

Hidden Storage
The best way to keep your home office "clutter" from distracting away from the look of the rest of your home decor, other than a door that can be kept closed, is to get creative with storage. An exquisite chest is perfect for hiding away office supplies and can even be turned into a makeshift file cabinet that doubles as attractive seating in the room. Stylish containers that can be stacked on shelves or even on the corner of a desk are also wonderful for hiding office supplies, charging cords, and more. Decorative trays work well to collect papers and you can easily put them away for the day when you're finished working. 

Rolling carts are also another excellent way to store a lot of necessary work items, and the cart can be rolled away into a closet when you're ready to get back to your home life. The inside of closet doors can be used to hang corkboards. When work's over, everything pinned to it can be hidden away behind the closed door, yet waiting in perfect condition for you when you open the door again the next day.

Get Comfortable
A home office doesn't necessarily have to be "all business." Even though this isn't really an organizational tip, we think it's an important one. Yes, you are "at work" in your home office, but you are also at home. It's okay to make this space comfortable, and actually encouraged. The better this room looks, the more likely you are to keep it organized and clutter-free.

An ergonomic office chair is a must, and if you have room, a cozy and stylish chair or two in the space is a wonderful touch. A beautiful rug placed under your desk adds flair and feels great underfoot. (A perfect excuse to kick off your shoes. You are at home, after all!) Placing your desk so that you can see out a window is good for your mood, provides extra lighting, and you can always close your gorgeous curtains if the outdoors gets too distracting. To open up the room, especially if your workspace is small, add a mirror or two to your wall decor.  

John Elliott Interiors can help you to find the perfect pieces to create an office in your home where you can get plenty of work done, yet still be impressed enough with it to want to show it off with the rest of your luxurious home. Come in soon to our Lake of the Ozarks furniture store and let us share a few attractive ideas with you. 

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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