Decorating Your Christmas Table This Year


Decorating the house for Christmas is fun and can typically be pretty care free. After all, you have your same familiar and beautiful decorations you get out every year and they go in the same beloved place to fill your house with joy. But... This year you're hosting Christmas dinner and you'll have to decorate a whole tablescape for the family to admire during the holiday dinner. So, how should you decorate? Are there rules to follow? John Elliott Interiors is the expert on home decoration and design and we are here to help! Keep reading to learn some of our favorite tablescape themes and how you can incorporate them into your holidays this year. 

White Christmas 

This theme is one of our favorites because of how simple it can be to execute. Choosing any monochromatic theme, in fact, is a great design choice. It allows you to find choose accent pieces and décor items from any store regardless of whether or not they are from the same collection. Sticking to one color gives you the freedom to be adventures with textures and patterns that may not work otherwise.

For a White Christmas Tablescape, choose a plain white tablecloth as your base, find white floral pieces like white poinsettia blooms, frosted berries, white roses, and so on. Accent the table with white candles in clear or frosted candle holders, and add sparkling white ornaments in strategic places. The overall look of this theme makes it seem like you've walked into a magical winter wonderland. This theme is sure to wow your guests!


You can't go wrong with the classic Christmas look for your tablescape. Use the traditional colors of red and green as your guide while choosing décor. Take it in a new direction with red roses instead of the traditional poinsettia, and add ornaments to your floral arrangements for extra Christmas spirit.

This theme makes everyone feel at home during the holidays with its nostalgic ambiance. You can take it in a formal direction with compact floral arrangements in vases, or you could use a more informal approach. Lay loose pine branches across the table as a runner and accent it with red flowers and berries, cinnamon sticks, and other on-theme accessories. This theme is so wonderful because it can fit whatever style of event you desire.


The rustic theme is a very popular choice not only for tablescapes but also for décor throughout the home during the holiday season. It brings your mind back to a simpler time and hearkens to the beauty of nature that often gets overlooked in the winter. Bring warmth to your table this Christmas with this wonderful theme!

Create a beautiful design by using cuts of wood as the chargers under each plate, and accent the space around the table with pine cones and greenery. Large ivory candles that have been used give a homey feel that makes guests feel welcomed. Bring it to the next level and add miniature pine trees with a frosted effect to invoke the true spirit of nature.

Setting the Table

Do you know the correct way to set a table? That's okay, not many people know all of the details behind setting a formal table properly. Every setting should start with the dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl. Moving out to the right, add the dinner knife, tea spoon, and soup spoon in that order. Moving to the left from the plate, place the dinner fork, salad fork, and napkin. The bread plate and butter knife belong in the top left corner, and the wine glasses and water goblet belong in the top right corner. The dessert fork should be placed above the plate, with the dessert spoon directly above that. If you are ever attending a formal dinner and aren't sure which utensil to use when enjoying your meal, just remember to work your way in from the outside as you go. 

Lake of the Ozarks Design

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