What's Your Personal Design Style?


Do you know what your personal style is? This is an important question to answer before you get started on your design, especially if you are doing a total redesign in your home. Most people go without knowing their personal design style. They simply see something they like, buy it, and add it into their home. This might work if your preferences are really honed in on one look. But, if you like a lot of different things, your home could end up looking messy and not cohesive. John Elliott Interiors is here to help solve that issue for you. We're going to talk about the top design styles so you can see which one might fit for you! 

Bohemian - World Traveler

This design style can takes influence from all around the world. An eclectic style, bohemian design uses vintage items and flea-market finds to be one-of-a-kind. Many of the items found in a bohemian design will also be exotic and reminiscent of faraway lands. Jewel tones, bright colors, beading, and crystal accents give this style another layer of uniqueness.

If you are a world traveler and have collected many unique and beautiful items from the many places you've been, then this could be the perfect style to show off your valuable items... Oriental rugs, wall tapestries, hand-carved nick-knacks, macrame, and more. This design is also very casual and perfect for the person that wants to have a home that looks like no one else's.


This design style has been growing a lot of popularity over the last few years. It's no surprise, with Marie Kondo inspiring people to get rid of things that no longer bring them joy, and a societal movement to get away from waste to things that really matter. Minimalism used to be seen as a cold, uncomfortable design where everything was bland and unwelcoming. But that is not the case! Minimalism simply designs on the premise that there shouldn't be any clutter or items that don't have a beauty or purpose to you. Its purpose is to remove clutter and "noise" from your home so that you can feel clear, focused, and more at peace.

If you get stressed out by spaces that have a lot going on... Several different colors, patterns, and prints... Trinkets covering the shelves and walls... Furniture packed into a room with no flow... Then minimalism might be right for you. If minimalism is what you crave, restyling your home in that aesthetic could help bring you more peace and focus in your daily life.

Shabby Chic

This style is one that a lot of people identify with, without even knowing. If you like collecting beautiful vintage and antique items, gilded mirrors, aged furniture, wing-backed chairs, etc., then you just might love this design style. This style takes a lot of influence from French design, with a femme feel, ornate accents, and comfort as a centerpiece of the design. A space designed with this style looks well lived-in and emulates class.

If you get excited when you see a one-of-a-kind piece and would love to make it part of your home, or if antique shops are your shopping place of choice, this this style could be for you. Think high-class beauty that is aged and comfortable for a more welcoming and inviting feel.


This can be a popular home design at the Lake of the Ozarks. While we aren't ocean-side, this style emphasizes the beauty of the water and the beautiful views the Lake can afford. Coastal decor uses a mixture of blues and greens, with a foundation of creams and neutrals to emulate the colors of sandy beaches. This aesthetic uses light and airy textures and patterns so that nothing feels heavy or weighed down. If you have a lakefront home with a wide-reaching view of the Lake, then this aesthetic could bring a beautiful touch to your home that will make every day feel like a vacation.

If you are looking for a design style that feels more ethereal and light, then coastal may be the way to go. If dark colors and heavy textures feel like they are weighing you down, then you may want to consider taking a look at a more coastal vibe.

Rustic Farmhouse

This, or at least a version of it, became very popular through several HGTV shows that have a large fan following, like Chip & Joanna's show Fixer Upper. The rustic style brings the outdoors inside in a beautiful and thoughtful way. Think of using raw wood and stone along with other elements in their unfinished form. True rustic decor may also feature iron or metal accents, cowhide rugs, leather furniture, etc. A more modern farmhouse vibe (i.e. Joanna Gaines) will likely feature lighter elements with cleaner lines. Think of reclaimed wood or shiplap that has been refinished and/or painted for a more refined look.

If you feel happiest when you are close to nature, then rustic/farmhouse décor could be the perfect design aesthetic for you. Many people feel more grounded when they are surrounded with natural elements like wood, stone, plants, etc. This style could also connect you to history and the community you are living in if local reclaimed items are used. This is a great style for someone that wants to be connected and feel comfortable and natural.

Professional Design at the Lake

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