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Redesigning a cluttered space can be difficult. Where should everything go? Does everything need to find a new home, or can some things be thrown out? How do you know what direction the room should when there's so much stuff in the space? John Elliott Interiors is the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we are here to help you get ready for your upcoming interior design. One of the popular organization methods in the last few of years has been the KonMari method by Marie Kondo. Today we're talking about the highlights of her method to help you get de-cluttered before your design. Keep reading to learn all about it!

KonMari by Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is a tidying guru. She teaches tidying methods that get rid of things in your life that no longer bring you joy. It can be hard to understand at first. It's not just about things you like or things that you've had for a long time. It's about belongings that spark joy in you, specifically when you are holding it in your hands. If you have a hard time identifying that feeling, pick something that you know brings you joy... maybe a meaningful gift from a loved one.

Once you know what the feeling of "sparking joy" is, you go through the items in your home, holding them in your hands and asking yourself "Does this bring me joy?" If the answer is "yes", you keep it. If the answer is "no", then you thank the item for the purpose it served in your life and let it go.

The Correct Order

Clothing - This is the best place to start because it is one of the easiest categories to sort through. Get all of your clothing from throughout the house into one place and in one pile. One of the tenants of the KonMari method is to pile each category into one spot so you can see how much you really have. (Sentimental clothing does not count and should be saved for last - like a wedding dress.) Hold each item and answer the question, "Does this bring me joy?"


Marie Kondo has a philosophy that you shouldn't have more than 20 books in your home. However, she acknowledges that this won't be the case for everyone. You might be a book collector, or you may have a profession or hobby that requires a lot of books. Just remember that you should only keep something if it brings you joy. (If it's necessary for work, that is an exception.)


Papers can be hard to sort through because it is really tedious work. Papers may include operational manuals, old childhood art work, important documents like ownership papers or rental agreements, etc. Obviously the important paperwork like birth certificates should be kept and put in a safe place. Other documents should be sorted with the same question - "Does this bring me joy?" (Note: product manuals don't necessarily need to be kept any more since nearly everything can be found online.) 

"Komono" - Miscellaneous Items

This can be a difficult category. There are so many different things to sort through and they're not always easy to make decisions on - especially where they should be kept. 

Sentimental Items

Sentimental items should be saved for last, once you've been able to tune your sense of what truly brings you joy. Don't keep things out of sentimental guilt... Be sure to take your time and only keep things that bring you joy. 

Design at the Lake of the Ozarks

Once you've been able to declutter and tidy your home, it's the perfect time to consider a redesign! Redesign your home so that it is the ideal space for you and your family to live a balanced, organized, and joyful life together. John Elliott Interiors can help! We're the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we have the skills and expertise to create the design of your dreams. Visit our high-end home store or call to learn more! 

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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