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This year, many people have been spending a lot more time inside than normal. With extra time inside, you may have realized that your home doesn't have as much space as you expected. If you're feeling cramped inside your house, then John Elliott Interiors may have some great ideas to help you make the most of your space and improve the flow of your home. Keep reading to learn more!


Adopt a Minimalist Design Style

This design style has been growing a lot of popularity over the last few years. It's no surprise, with Marie Kondo inspiring people to get rid of things that no longer bring them joy, and a societal movement to get away from waste to things that really matter. Minimalism used to be seen as a cold, uncomfortable design where everything was bland and unwelcoming. But that is not the case anymore! Minimalism simply designs on the premise that there shouldn't be any clutter or items that don't have a beauty or purpose to you. Its purpose is to remove clutter and "noise" from your home so that you can feel clear, focused, and more at peace.

If you get stressed out by spaces that have a lot going on... Several different colors, patterns, and prints... Trinkets covering the shelves and walls... Furniture packed into a room with no flow... Then minimalism might be right for you. If minimalism is what you crave, restyling your home in that aesthetic could help bring you more peace and focus in your daily life.

Optimize the Space with Lighting and Color Scheme

Light, soft colors help make a space feel bigger by reflecting light throughout the room. Use a light color on the walls, and anchor the space with a darker hue from the same color family. Going dark to light from floor to ceiling can give the impression that a room is taller and larger than it actually is.

When choosing décor pieces, keep them in scale with the rest of the room, and choose one to two accent colors to incorporate in little ways to add interest without overwhelming the small space. For example, choose couch pillows and throws with accent stitching instead of a solid bright color. Items with textures are also a great way to add visual interest without too the distraction of too-bright colors.

Be Thoughtful About Storage

Maximizing the storage space in your home can help prevent clutter from accumulating and making it feel smaller. Look for areas in your home where space is currently being wasted. Does your hallway have a dead end? Add shelving with simple baskets and crates to store linen items and other odds and ends out of eyesight. Put your bed on risers to allow for even more storage underneath. Keep in mind that if you install risers, you will need to order a non-standard bed skirt to reach the floor.

Choose the Right Furniture

Furniture can have a big effect on the look, flow, and functionality of a space. A small living room can appear even more cramped if occupied by a large couch. Before going shopping for your new home’s furniture, measure out the space where you would like to stage each piece. Go the extra mile by taping off the area on the floor to help visualize how the room will flow once the new pieces are in place.

For small open concept spaces, use furniture to separate rooms. This allows you to define unique spaces, making the area feel bigger than it is. When empty, an area can feel like one large room. But with the proper staging, it can feel more like a cozy, comfortably-designed interior.

Keep space free in the living room by mounting your television and sound equipment on the wall rather than installing them in an entertainment center. The more floor space that remains free, the larger the room will feel.

Interior Design at the Lake

If you are still struggling to maximize your space, contact John Elliott Interiors! As the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we have the knowledge and expertise to help create your dream home. Visit our home interior store to find great pieces and find even more inspiration. We're sure you're going to love it! 

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