Tips For Decluttering Holiday Decor


'Tis the season to pull out all of those holiday decorations you've had in storage since last year and start decking the halls. Over time, a person tends to collect more than they actually need, so eventually, you will need to find a way to get rid of some of the "old," especially if you're bringing in more of the "new." 

As you begin to decorate, it's important to evaluate what you have to make sure that the style still matches your home and the quality is up to par. This will not only help to keep the holidays merry and bright but will add to your peace of mind when you decorate with only the things you love. Here are a few tips from John Elliott Interiors to help you weed out what can stay and what should go. 

Unused Decorations
Every year when you are finished decorating for the holiday season, do you have a few items that are still left in your storage box, unused? If you don't like it enough to display it, you really don't need for it to take up storage space for another year. Just in case you're worried that you might change your mind next year, store all of the items you don't use and can't bear to part with inside a special box until next year. If once again you don't use anything from that box the following year, that means you're safe to part with it. 

Merry Multiples
Whether you found it in the clearance aisle last year or you bought one, found another, and were gifted yet another, there's really no reason to keep more than one of certain items. Take stock of your inventory and if you find that you have duplicates that won't be used or needed for a replacement piece, let them go. For example, if you have more wreaths than spaces to display them, save the storage space and give away the extras. 

"Vintage" Greeting Cards
It can be hard to throw away Christmas cards received from years past. You may think there is too much sentimental value attached to allow yourself to get rid of them. When you have some free time, fix a cup of hot cocoa and spend an afternoon going through all of those old cards. If they are only signed with a name, there's really no need to save it, but if there is a handwritten note inside that brings a smile to your face, that one may be worth keeping. You could even make it a holiday tradition to re-read those special memories every year. As for the rest of the old cards, either throw them away or use the pretty card fronts to make a useful decoration. They also make wonderful gift tags.  

Outdated Seasonal Clothing 
Your closet is another area where you are likely to find a lot of pieces that never see the light of day. Winter clothing is bulkier than most, so if you won't be wearing it, it's best to clear the space for other items. Something you wore to a holiday party years ago may have been perfect for the time, but styles change, and the only item that might be used again eventually is an ugly Christmas sweater. Still, how many of those do you really have time to wear in a month? Also, take stock of outerwear like coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. It's good to have a backup or two, but you don't need 10 for each per person, and definitely get rid of pairs that are missing their match. 

Out With the Old, In With the New
Once you've made some extra space by getting rid of all of those seasonal items you no longer have any need for, you just may discover that you have room for something shiny and new! You'll find a large selection of home decor items at the Lake of the Ozarks inside our showroom in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Whether you're looking to fill a large space in a room or a small section of a side table or bookshelf, you're bound to find something to fit the spot beautifully at John Elliott Interiors

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