The Empty Nesters Remodel


As the kids start to leave your home one by one, you may find that you're finally ready to have the home that you've always dreamed of. In all of the years of having kids, you had to choose your furniture based on material, your accents based on breakability, and your coffee table based on what could have teen shoes sitting on it. Now that the kids have moved out, you can finally put your own touch on your space and create a luxury interior design! How do you start? Where do you go to get your pieces? John Elliott Interiors is here to help, and we can help you from top to bottom!

Start with a Dream

Have you always wanted to have a home that was both classic and sophisticated? Perhaps you've wanted to go with a rustic, romantic theme in your space. Whatever your style, we can help you create it, but you need to have an idea first. If you aren't sure where you want to go with your design, please come see us! We have a 24,000 square foot showroom that not only features beautiful furniture at the Lake of the Ozarks but provides you the place to see your vision. You can wander around to find textures, colors, and styles that speak to you. You've probably spent so long pushing your true desires for your home aside because of kids, activities, and lifestyle choices, but now is a great time to find your inner designer and start finding what you love! Of course, you won't be doing this alone. We have some incredible interior designers in the Midwest who can help you find the perfect combo.

Make Decisions

Once you start to find the style that speaks to you the most, you can start choosing the pieces that make your space come alive. The best thing to do is start with just one piece, from an area rug to a piece of artwork, or even a lampshade. Finding this piece can then allow our designers to choose pieces that will amplify the look of the one you chose. If you want to be heavily involved in the decision making, from window treatments to accent pieces, you can be! Otherwise, our designers can put together ideas for you based off of what you like and show you how it will look in your space.

Get Ready for the Remodel

Once you've started making decisions and discovered what your dream is, it's time to get your room ready! This can mean many things, depending on the state of your home or room that's being remodeled. Are you going to keep the furniture that is already in the space and just relocate it? Are you going to sell it all and start over? After you decide what you're doing with the larger pieces, you'll want to declutter and clean out the smaller items that tend to accumulate in a space. If you're remodeling one of the kid's rooms, and it's still filled with their items, it may be time to have them come back and go through their old space and clean it out. Once you've cleared out and created a clean slate, it will be easier to make the space feel brand new.

Another note to remember is that if you have sentimental pieces that you want to keep in the space, please tell our designers. Whether it's a handmade quilt by your great grandma or a steamer trunk that belonged to your grandfather, we want to incorporate these pieces into your space. It will make it feel even more like home, and really make the design perfect for you.

The Grand Unveiling

Find something fun to do for the day, because the unveiling of your space will be so much more breathtaking if you don't see it until it's finished. We truly cannot wait to show you your new, mature, incredible space. It's going to be an exciting day for you, and our designers at the Lake of the Ozarks can't wait to walk you through your new space filled with new pieces that you love.

Home Decorators at the Lake of the Ozarks

Whether you have a second home at the Lake of the Ozarks, or you have a primary home located in another state, we can work with you to create a space that's customized to your exact wishes.The furnishings and design of our store shows off our passion for furniture and design. As you enter the building, we know you'll be very pleasantly surprised with the style, beauty, and elegance we have put together for you. Stop by and see us, you'll love walking around browsing through our selection - not to mention, we provide beverages for your shopping pleasure!

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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