5 Tips for Decluttering Christmas Decor


’Tis the season to start pulling out the Christmas decorations, decking the halls, and decluttering old and worn decor. As you begin to decorate your home, it’s important to evaluate what you have and make sure that the style still matches your home, and that the quality is up to par. This will not only help keep the holidays merry and bright but will add to your peace of mind as you decorate with only the things you love. Here are a few tips from your local furniture store at the Lake of the Ozarks to help get you started!

Stressful Seasonal Items

You know the one we’re talking about. It could be anything, from the string of icicle lights that tangles every. single year. Or the homemade ornament from your mother's brothers cousins daughter that keeps crumbling and making a mess in your box. If it adds stress, toss it. The holidays are supposed to be fun, memorable, and peaceful, so if any of your decor doesn’t fit into one of those three categories, everyone is better off if you pass up on that tradition or piece of decor and start something that will make it a silent night.

Unused Decorations

Whether these are items that were hand chosen for you, won in a white elephant gift exchange, or just pieces that you’ve picked up along the way, if you don’t use them, don’t store them. There are many reasons a piece of decor could stick around years after its purpose was completed, from perhaps just going out of style to becoming tattered and worn. Either way, be thankful for the time you had with it and put it to rest. If you find that much of your Christmas collection fit into this category, sell what you have and use the money to go and buy what you truly love!

“Vintage” Greeting Cards

It can be hard to toss the Christmas greetings from years past. That’s probably why many people have boxes filled with cards that could be even 20 years old! Turn on some Christmas tunes, fix a cup of hot cocoa and go through the cards. A good way to help narrow down is if they are just signed with a name - toss it. If they have a sentimental note written inside, you may be more apt to keep them, and that’s fine. You could even make reading them a Christmas tradition if it brings you joy. But if you hate packing them up every year, let them bring a smile to your fact this year, then throw them away and move on.

Merry Multiples

Whether you found it in the clearance aisle last year (two or three times!) or you bought one, found another, and were gifted yet another - there’s no reason to keep multiples. Take stock of your inventory and if you find that you have duplicates of items that don’t hold sentimental meaning, or an actual purpose (like 5 wreaths for your 5 doors) then take them to the treasure shop and create some space! This could range from tree toppers, holiday serve ware or garland that just keeps growing.

Outdated Seasonal Clothing

If your closet is packed with winter clothing that no longer fits, it’s time to take inventory and clear some of it out. This can apply to kids coats and gloves, all the way to your outerwear that you don’t enjoy wearing anymore. Of course, if you find an old ugly Christmas sweater, you may want to hang on to that!

Happy Holidays From John Elliott Interiors

As you start the fun and sentimental task of decorating your home for Christmas, we hope that you are filled with joy and expectation over the coming few weeks. This season is a time of giving, time enjoyed with family, and amazing food around the dining room table. All of these things are best enjoyed in your beautiful home. Our team is proud to help provide furnishings at the Lake of the Ozarks that allow your family to get cozy and invest in each other. If you find that you're missing something important in your decor this year, or that you're looking for the perfect gift for someone, we would love to help you. Stop by our home interiors store in Lake Ozark, MO!

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