Warm Up Your Home For Winter With These Tips!


The transition from fall to winter at the Lake of the Ozarks can mean drastic temperature changes and for most of us extra layers to stay warm, but did you know, you can dress your home for chilly winter weather as well? The cooler temperatures provide the perfect excuse to update your home with fresh accessories and hues inspired by the season. John Elliott Interiors is your Lake of the Ozarks design resource and we offer these simple interior decorating ideas to cozy up your home this holiday season. 

Use Themed Throw Pillows

As the weather gets cooler, families tend to spend more time indoors, and we want that space to be cozy. Add plush throw pillows in different shapes, sizes and patterns to your living room sofas and chairs. If you have an abundance of holiday pillows, you can always create a seasonal focal point by collecting them in a nook or empty area of your home. 

Update Your Rooms With Soft Throws

Add subtle warmth and texture to your living room by draping a plush throw over the edge of your sofa. If bright and cheery is what you're looking for, make a bold statement with holiday colors of red and green. When you can't shake that chill you'll reach for your blanket and stay warm and comfortable. 

Warm Up Your Space With Winter Window Treatments

If you're able to transform your home more deeply, consider adding warmth with heavier window coverings. Trade out your light and airy treatments for styles that offer more insulation. You'll feel the difference and the fabric and texture will emit a natural coziness throughout the room. 

Radiate  Warmth With Light

Feel and see the warmth with fragrant decorative candles. As the days become shorter, take advantage of the early nightfall by lighting candles around the house. The ambiance will create the feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Switch Out Your Bedding

Stow your summer quilts and pile on the heavy, warm comforters and thermal blankets. Thick blankets will keep your warm at night and the plush layers are a great way to add color and texture to your bedroom.

Keep Your Feet Warm With Rugs

Consider covering empty floor space with a rug. Having rugs underfoot greatly helps your perception of warmth and the thicker or higher the pile, the better. By physically adding warmth your area will emanate comfort and give you that cozy feeling only fabric can.  

As we spend more and more time in our living rooms this winter, we look forward to warming ourselves near the fireplace or under a thick throw but it's possible to create that warm feeling with the furnishings in our home. At John Elliott Interiors, we can help you achieve that cozy feeling of comfort and relaxation with accessories. We want your home environment to reflect the season and add warmth, give us a call and we'll soften your surroundings for the season! 

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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