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It's no secret that many people are getting tired of being stuck indoors. So this week we are bringing you a fresh topic that takes you out of the house and into nature! John Elliott Interiors may be the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, but we also have a tremendous eye for design in general. Today we are giving you a few tips on how to design a beautiful garden in your own backyard. Read on to learn more! 

Odd Numbers

One "rule" of design is that you should always group items into odd numbers to achieve the most eye-pleasing look to the area. While there is nothing wrong with even numbers, designing with them can make a space look very rigid and draw more attention to any discrepancies in measurement if the items are not perfectly symmetrical. Dealing with odd numbers has been shown to be more satisfying to the human eye, as it gives the design a center to focus on and ground the look with an anchor, so to speak.


Some may find greenery boring, but it is important to have a solid base for your garden so that it doesn't look sparse or ill-planned. Choose greenery that complements the types of flowers and plants that you have chosen, mixing in tall ornamental grasses and low, ground covering crawling plants. These will help frame the beautiful plants you chose and give a sense of completeness to your garden. 

Blooming Times

Before randomly selecting flowers that look pretty, it is important for you to know how the plants are going to bloom and when. Some plants bloom in the early spring and last through a good portion of the summer. However, some plants don't bloom until mid-May and then only last for a week or two. Be sure to plant flowers that bloom when you most want your garden to come to life. If you're looking for a design that looks in-bloom for most of the year, be sure to alternate flowers and their seasons so that the garden doesn't look like half is alive and half is dead depending on the season.


Arrange the flowers and plants by height as well. You wouldn't want to place a tall rosebush at the front of your garden if you are also planting short, delicate flowers, or no one will see them! Read the instructions on each plant or seeds to make sure you understand how high they are expected to grow, and then plant them accordingly

Design at the Lake 

While John Elliott Interiors isn't a landscaping company, we do understand how style, color, and other design elements work together to make a beautiful picture. While you are planting your garden and enjoying time outdoors, think about what your next project inside could look like and be sure to give us a call!

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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