7 Elements of Interior Design - Part Two


This week we are finishing up the topic of 7 Elements of Interior Design. These elements make up the “rules” that many interior designers follow when creating the perfect design for a home. All 7 elements are as follows: (1) space, (2) line, (3) form, (4) light, (5) color, (6) texture, and (7) pattern. John Elliott Interiors is the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, and today we are sharing our insights about the last four elements and how they combine to make a beautiful home interior. Read on to learn more!


Lighting can be one of the most important elements to a design. You may have a gorgeously designed space, but without the right light to accentuate the design and illuminate the important pieces, it could end up looking flat and dull.

When you think about what kind of light to use in a room, be sure to keep in mind how the space will be used. Home offices and studio spaces should have bright, clear lighting that will allow you to stay alert and focus more easily on the task at hand. The living room or den may not require such bright lights, and could benefit from a softer, warmer glow. In bedrooms, installing lights with dimming capability could be just the thing. These give you the option to have bright lighting when you’re working on tasks like folding laundry and cleaning, or dimmer lighting when you’re taking a nap or watching TV before going to bed.

Natural light is a very important element to take into consideration as well. Light that streams in through your windows has the unique ability to brighten up space while also providing a soft glow. Natural light has also been shown to improve mood and boost feelings of health and happiness. Whenever possible, be sure to take advantage of natural light in your interior design.


Color is a very powerful thing. On their own, colors can make people feel a certain way simply from the psychology and memory of the color. Cool colors evoke feelings of calmness, while warm and bright colors are stimulating. Match the color you are using to how you want to feel in the space. For a spa-like bathroom, utilize white, light blues, and grey for a soft and clean palate that supports the idea of serenity. For a fun and active kitchen, play with warm colors light red or yellow.

Also keep in mind that colors can make a space feel smaller or larger depending on the shade you use. Dark colors can make a room feel smaller, while bright colors make spaces feel more open.


This is an element that beginning designers may not think of right away. Texture describes the physical surface of an object. Fabric is an excellent way to add texture to a space. Linen is a very light texture that can bring a sense of airiness to a space, while fleece is a heavy and warm texture better suited for cozy spaces and winter designs.

If something seems to be missing in your space, it could be texture. Look around the room to make sure that there are a variety of textures being used, so that the space doesn’t feel flat and one-dimensional.


Patterns can make a big impact in a design. Weather it’s through wall paper, furniture, or accent pillows, the pattern you choose can play a big role in how your design looks and feels overall. Consider two rooms - both with neutral walls, grey furniture, and wood floors. Room 1 has accent pillows with animal print, while Room 2 has accent pillows with a pastel floral print. These rooms are identical in almost every way, but they have an entirely different ambiance from one another.

Be sure to use patterns with caution. Too many competing patterns can compete with one another and start to look busy. If you choose to use pattern on the walls, choose something simple or opt to only use it on one wall as an accent so the rest of the room isn’t overpowered.

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