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Pillows are a great way to enhance a space, but pillows could make or break your interior design. John Elliott Interiors is the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we are excited to share these pillow design tips with you today. Read on to learn more about how to incorporate pillows into your home decor!

Stage Your Bed

Use several different shapes, colors, and patterns of pillows on your bed to stage the room and make it look more comfortable and inviting. Choose a general theme, like the room below of soft tan and bold black and run with it! Layer the pillows with the largest sham-covered pillows in the back, and the smaller, more decorative pillows in the front. Mixing patterns is a great way to add visual interest without looking too cluttered with too many colors for a bedroom. It can be difficult to choose them on your own without design experience, so contact the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we will make sure your bedroom is staged so beautifully that you'll never want to leave!

Patterns and Textures

Pillows are the best way to add texture to a room. It allows you to create a gorgeous design without committing to a large piece of furniture that has a bold texture or pattern on it. Pillows can be bold and unique without causing too much distraction in your design. And if you ever choose to change the design of your home, pillows are an easy item to switch out for a whole new look! Start with a neutral palette like tan or grey for your furniture, then build upon that design with interesting pillows and throw blankets to achieve the perfect look and feel.

 Create a Cohesive Design

Another great use for pillows in your interior design is to bring the whole look together. If your furniture pieces don't quite look like they belong together, the perfect pillow could change everything. Take a look at the image below with the modern white couch and gorgeous warm-toned chairs. While individually they may not seem to go together, the chair-patterned and red pillows pull the whole design together for a cohesive, gorgeous look that looks meant to be.

Interior Design at the Lake

For the best interior designer at the Lake of the Ozarks, call John Elliott Interiors! We have the skill and knowledge to create the perfect space in your home and we would love to help you. Whether it's determining the perfect palette for a room, choosing accessories like pillows and artwork, or redesigning your whole home, John Elliott Interiors can do it all! Give us a call and set up a consultation.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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