How to Host a Fun Galentine's Day!


Valentine's Day is a huge tradition in the United States, celebrating couples and their love. But what about the love between close female friends? That is what Galentine's Day - February 13th - is all about. Inspired by the TV show Parks and Recreation and the character Leslie Knope, several businesses have begun instituting their own version of Galentine's Day. John Elliott Interiors is the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we have great tips on how to host your very own Galentine's Day this year. Read on to learn more!

Catch Up

As Leslie Knope would say, "Any time girlfriends get together, they embody the spirit of Galentine's Day." No matter what you do together, spending quality time together is important to friendships. Spend time catching up with one another or learning new things you never knew before. There are a lot of great games available that help prompt fun questions that help people reconnect and feel closer to one another. Choose a favorite movie classic you all used to watch with one another or the cheesiest possible chick flick to poke fun at... Just enjoy spending time together without the pressure of daily stress.

Host a Brunch

Breakfast food is some of the greatest comfort food, and it is quite easy to prepare. Put together a few easy favorites like scrambled eggs, bacon, and an indulgent pastry. Display them on your table with beautiful dishes that make it feel like an even more special occasion. No brunch is complete without a delicious mimosa or bloody mary bar. Set up a table with champagne, a variety of juices, and fruit pieces for a fun mimosa bar. Or build-your-own bloody mary's with vodka, tomato juice, bacon, celery salt, and any other favorite mix-ins you love. Mix it up by using a V8 juice instead of tomato juice for a richer flavor!

Wine Tasting

You could go out and pay for a wine tasting event. Or, ask your ladies to each bring a bottle of their favorite wine and enjoy each other's selections over good conversation and charcuterie. If wine isn't your thing, you could also try mixing new drinks you've never tried before to experiment and find new favorites.

Enjoy a Beautiful Home

Whatever you decide to do together, have fun spending time together and remembering how much you love your crew of strong women. If your home isn't where you want it to be to host your friends, don't worry! John Elliott Interiors has the design expertise, quality furniture, and gorgeous art to make any room into the space of your dreams. Call today to get started on your home's new beautiful interior design.

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