5 Important Factors to Consider When Planning an Interior Design


Whether you are redecorating a current room or creating a beautiful look for a brand new home, there are a few decisions that you should make before you even begin shopping. Knowing the answers before speaking to our Lake of the Ozarks interior designers can help us to better understand exactly what you are looking for. Then, together we can walk through the showroom at John Elliott Interiors and pick out the pieces that best bring your desired design to life.

What Are Your Likes?
This is probably the most obvious question that you most likely thought about already. Of course you want a room to be filled with things you like, but you need to narrow down what those things actually are. Take a look around rooms you currently live in and make notes about the items that you still enjoy. Some of these things you may want to bring into your new interior design and special pieces you absolutely love could even be the inspiration that the entire room can be designed around.

Also think about favorite colors, fabrics, and even hobbies you enjoy. These can point you in a wonderful creative direction. Look through interior design magazines and online at different types of rooms and take note of the things in each photo that catch your eye. 

What Are Your Dislikes?
This list can often be even more helpful than your list of likes. It will be especially helpful to us because it will narrow down the pieces from our Lake of the Ozarks home interiors store that we show to you. It will also make your search for the perfect pieces of furniture and home decor go much more quickly when you can skip the stuff you don't like and get straight to the things that will bring joy to your life as well as your interior design. 

How Will The Room Be Used?
A room's purpose should influence its design and the items that will be placed in it. For a home with young children, furniture will need to stand up to a lot of wear and tear and probably have as few sharp edges as possible. On the other hand, a room that doesn't get used as often and is reserved for entertaining guests can contain pieces that are a bit more elegant. A space where you spend a lot of time should be filled with comfortable furniture you love sitting on, while a home office can be cozy but not so "comfy" that you don't get your work done. Knowing exactly how a room will most often be used will greatly influence the pieces you put into it. 

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How Should The Room Make You Feel?
The way a room looks and how it will be used are both important factors, but equally as important is the feeling you want to have while you are in that particular space. For example, a bedroom should be relaxing while a kitchen or dining room your family gathers in together often can give off a lively, fun feeling. Color plays a big part in this, so be aware of how different colors make you feel.

While researching interior designs in magazines, online, or while watching your favorite design show, pay close attention to the way different rooms make you feel. If it matches the way you would like to feel in that room in your own home, then you may have just found the inspiration you needed.

Are There Time Constraints?
If there is a deadline involved with this interior design project, that will influence the type of things that can be done. Be upfront with your interior designer about any time constraints, and be honest with yourself. A huge amount of stress is bound to happen if you try to do more than you have the time for. If you are short on time, you may be able to do some smaller projects now and save the big stuff until a later date. 

Answering these basic questions is a great way to get the interior design process started. Letting the experts at our luxury furniture store at the Lake of the Ozarks help you take those answers and turn them into a beautiful living space is the next step. Visit John Elliott Interiors soon and explore the many fantastic possibilities. 

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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