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John Elliott Interiors' January blogs are focused around the fact that this month is "Get a Balanced Life Month," "Get Organized Month," and "Creativity Month." Last week we discussed the basics of Feng Shui for your home, and today we are looking at another way that you can bring balance to your interior design. After all, balance in your home will help bring balance to your life.

Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical
Most beautiful things have a symmetry about them, and this can also be true for interior design. A room that is perfectly balanced with similar items on both sides can give an organized and stable feeling to the space. Many people love this look and feel very comfortable within it. Some may find that too much symmetry is a bit too static for their tastes.

Asymmetry, on the other hand, by definition means that something is not identical on both sides, yet in interior design, it can still give a balanced look to a room. The variations add depth and visual interest to the eye. Below are a few ways that you can change things up and still end up with an overall balanced design.

Vary Heights
Pieces of furniture of varying heights placed strategically next to each other is a wonderful way to add interest for the eye. For example, a reading chair and footstool placed next to a tall bookshelf across the room from a bed with a headboard that brings the eye up toward the ceiling. You still want all of the pieces to fit together in a way that is cohesive but having everything all at one eye level can be very boring visually.

The same goes for your home decor items. Varying heights of decorative pieces grouped together looks beautiful and most often looks best in odd numbers. 

Spread Elements Throughout
Do not place tons of furniture and artwork on one side of the room and leave the other side practically bare. Balance heavy or bold pieces by placing them throughout the space rather than clumped too closely together.

The same can be said about the color in a room too. It is recommended that you use 2-3 main colors for your room's palette and then spread those shades throughout the space in an eye-pleasing way. 

Play with Contrasts
Another way to bring balance to a room is by mixing opposites. Smooth finishes with textured pieces or dark colors with lighter shades. Many times in interior design things that aren't alike at all somehow come together to create an appealing look. 

The easiest way to figure out which pieces work best together is to ask for help from an expert. The Lake of the Ozarks interior designers at our store are always happy to lend a hand and offer advice on the most wonderful ways to bring beauty to your home. John Elliott Interiors is full of the furniture and artwork you need to create a luxurious living space and we know how to put those pieces together elegantly. Keeping with our January blog theme, next week we'll take a look at some helpful organization tips for your home, followed by a look at some unique and creative pieces that you may be surprised are perfect for your personal style.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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