7 Interior Design Trends to Try in 2019


New trends pop up every year, many of which have been recycled from years past. Every really good trend seems to make its way back into the public eye eventually. When you're ready to update your interior design at the Lake of the Ozarks, trends are a wonderful place to look for inspiration. Some will be perfect for you, while others may not exactly speak to your personal style, but they are wonderful for getting creative ideas flowing. 

If you need a little help deciding which looks will work best in your home, the design experts at John Elliott Interiors are always around to answer questions and offer advice. Here are a few of the trends that seem to be popular right now. One, or a few of these, may just be the inspiration you've been looking for. 

Luxury & Comfort
While this seems like a sensible idea rather than something that should be considered a trend, we are totally in support of this one. Don't skimp on comfort when you furnish your home. Functionality and price will figure into the decision too, but splurging on items that you truly enjoy using results in furniture and decorative items that will have a place in your home for a very long time.

Pops of Color on White
A foundation of white as the backdrop to a room with pops of color brings the neutral palette to life. Go for about 90% white to 10% color. This is a trend that allows you to use a current look yet customize it to show off your personal style using your favorite colors. As an added bonus, if you feel like switching out the colors you have chosen, you won't have a lot of items to replace. 

Floral Patterns
Floral patterns seem to be making a big comeback. Not only will you see them highlighted on fabrics for furniture and decorative items, but also making their way onto the walls. Floral wallpaper is becoming a popular item, bringing something extra to an often ignored area of the room.

Four-Poster Beds
Ornate posts on every corner of the bed frame create a very luxurious look. The addition of a canopy adds romance and possibly even a bit of mystery. Some say it's like getting a hug from a piece of furniture! That sounds like a wonderful way to add comfort and much-needed relaxation to a bedroom. 

Colorful Art & Photographs
Inspirational signs still have their place in many people's hearts and specific places in a home or office. Trends show that many now prefer to decorate their walls with bold, colorful art pieces, choosing beautiful images over inspirational text. 

Mixed Metals
Metal accents are a timeless way to add interest to a room's overall design. Mixing a few different types of metals that complement each other is a tasteful way to create balance and definition. Choose no more than 2-3 metals that go well together, such as brass or gold with an oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron, or possibly silver or pewter mixed with bronze or black/brown metals. 

Mixing & Matching Furniture
Another popular trend that keeps popping up is mixing and matching different furniture pieces in the same room that were not created as a set. This can be done by "collecting" individual pieces that you love the look of rather than purchasing a set of furniture that was built to go together. Take care when doing this and make sure that all pieces have some similar elements to tie them together so it appears as a design choice rather than lots of pieces that really shouldn't have a place in the same room.

As we mentioned earlier, not all trends appeal to everyone's personal tastes, but taking a look at "what's in" at the moment is a wonderful way to find inspiration that will point you in the direction of a look you can love. Another way to find inspiration is to visit the showroom of our Lake of the Ozarks luxury furniture store and take a look around. You will find many different styles represented inside John Elliott Interiors, all set up in ways that will help you to imagine how they can bring beauty to your own home. Stop by soon and discover the many intriguing possibilities.

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