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Becoming an adult usually means that you are sharing your home with a spouse and possibly children. That may leave you longing for a space that you can have all to yourself. One that allows you to get away occasionally, enjoy some personal time, and focus on hobbies you enjoy. Today John Elliott Interiors has a few suggestions on how to create this personal getaway.

Man Caves & She Sheds
The room we are talking about is often referred to as a "man cave" or "she shed." This space should reflect you and the things you love to do most. It's where you will keep your hobbies and favorite things so they are ready and there for you when you have the time to enjoy them.

If you want to get completely away from the house, you can build a nice shed in the backyard. (These have been greatly upgraded from tool sheds of the past.) If this is the case, you will also want to work on the "curb appeal" of it as well. Your private space can also be a room inside the house, or possibly an entire floor if you have a basement or loft that isn't being used for another purpose. If you don't have to worry about others in the home running through and interrupting you, it will work!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start thinking about the interior design of your personal man cave or she shed. 

How Will It Be Used?
What activity do you wish you had more time and space to do? This room could be a quiet place where you can escape into a good book or catch up on a pile of magazine subscriptions. You may be desiring a space where you can work on art or craft projects where you can leave your work out without worry of it being disturbed. This room could be where you set up a great sound system for watching movies or sporting events, or it could be where you enjoy playing games of your own like pool or poker.

Deciding exactly how you want to use this space will help you decide which pieces you will need from our luxury furniture store at the Lake of the Ozarks to decorate it with. Function is key, but comfort is a priority too. If you will be installing a large item, such as a pool table, use that as a focal point and work the rest of the interior design in around that.

How Many Should It Hold?
Decide if this is an area that you want to use as your private getaway, all by yourself, or if you will use it to entertain friends. This will make a big difference in the amount of seating needed, as well as other items you will want to have on hand.

If you are the only person allowed, a giant comfy chair or a cozy chaise lounge or loveseat that you can spread out in can be perfect. For rooms where you'll be inviting others to join you, in addition to extra seating you may also want to have a bar area set up or maybe even a table you can all sit around.

Do You Have To Share It?
If space is limited, you may have to share your man cave or she shed with your spouse or roommate, or it may be a spare room that needs to be used for overnight guests occasionally. This can be done, even if you don't expect to use it for the same purpose. (The hardest part may be working out a schedule!)

In this case, make sure there are plenty of storage options so that your hobby items can be kept separately and also out of the way when the other person is using the room. Multifunctional pieces will go a long way in making sure you both have what you need in the room to accomplish your goals.

When you were a kid, if you were lucky enough to have a bedroom to yourself, it was a wonderful, private oasis where your personality shined. In a way, man caves and she sheds are the adult version of this.

Whether you are getting to set up your personal getaway in a fancy shed away from the house, a basement or loft, or a spare room in the home, our Lake of the Ozarks interior design specialists can make it work for you, turning it into an oasis you will truly enjoy. You should be able to find the perfect furniture and decorative items you need right here at John Elliott Interiors. Stop by and take a look around. It may be just the inspiration you've been looking for!

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