Bring the Colors of Autumn Into Your Home


The outdoors in autumn becomes a colorful landscape of rich hues and intriguing shades. This time of year it's a wonderful idea to bring some of that fall beauty to the inside of your house. Our home interiors store at the Lake of the Ozarks has a few ideas to share on that subject.

Although the weather keeps getting colder this time of year, the landscape is full of warm, rich shades that seem to counter that fall chill. Take color cues from the leaves as they turn to bring a seasonal look to your interior design.

Deep Reds
Darker reds bring a beautiful depth to a fall interior design color scheme. You'll find wonderful shades to mimic the leaves of the trees outside. Other places to find the perfect red hues for this time of year come from common seasonal items like cranberries, cinnamon, or a red mulled wine. Rust-colored reds often used for rustic decor work perfectly too. 

Yellow & Orange 
While understated shades of most colors reflect nature best this time of year, you can add a few bright pops of color like the bright yellow and orange leaves that emerge before they fall off the trees. Of course, deep mustard yellows and burnt oranges look incredible too. The many different hues found in campfires offer lots of inspiration as well, and orange is abundant in the pumpkins you see everywhere from Halloween to Thanksgiving. 

Forest Green
The ever-present evergreens last throughout each season, so working a forest green color into nature-inspired decor can work well year-round. The richness of this color especially complements the other tones that give the shades of autumn their warm look and feel. 

Rich earth tones also work beautifully with the colors we have already mentioned above. Once the leaves fall, you see more of the bark of the tree limbs, and those campfires not only have the fire but the logs needed to build them. Brown shades make an excellent base color that works wonderfully with pretty much every accent color.

Simple Ways to Add Seasonal Colors
It's easy to change a few things in your home's interior design without replacing everything in the room. (Of course, when you are ready for a total room makeover, you'll find all of the best home decor and luxury furniture at the Lake of the Ozarks inside our showroom!) Use the colorful leaves from outside to decorate by placing them under a glass coffee table or in a frame. Bowls of pine cones, mini pumpkins, and gourds are lovely natural decorations on bookshelves or as centerpieces.

Accent pillows and throws let you layer fall colors over your current interior design. You can easily change out curtains and lampshades with each season too, and consider keeping a collection of art that allows you to replace pieces to match the seasonal looks of each room. Plaids are popular this time of year. Patterns and textures always add depth to any decor. You can even bring in a few metallics with rich coppers and bronzes.

You can find many gorgeous pieces of decorative art, throw pillows, wall coverings, and more at John Elliott Interiors in Lake Ozark to add to any room. If you would like to go a step further and completely change the entire look of a room, our interior design experts at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you turn any space imagined into a reality. Visit our showroom soon to find out exactly what we can do for you.

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