7 Interior Design Tips to Follow for Any Room


April is also known as Decorating Month, which is very exciting for us at John Elliott Interiors. The month was given this title in an effort to inspire people to focus on decorating the place where they live in a way that makes them happy, and also to stress that updating the look of the rooms in your home can be fun rather than a chore. Whether you decide to let our interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks help you make over an entire room or you decide to take on a few small tasks yourself, the following tips should come in handy.

Switch Out Seasonal Decor
Each season has something about it that sets it apart, and you can showcase that through the home accents you display in each room. It's time to put away the heavy winter throws and bring out lighter, spring decorations. Every new season is a wonderful excuse to change things up a bit and give a room an entirely new look and feel.

Display a Prized Collection
Your favorite things can be used in a clever way to decorate a room. It's best to group a lot of pieces of a collection together in one area or two rather than dispersing them individually throughout the space. If your collection is large, you don't need to show it all off at once, but rather choose a few pieces to highlight and switch them out when you feel like it. Your collection of prized possessions are not only terrific for decorating, but they also work as fun conversation pieces.

Change the Room's Layout
An excellent way to quickly freshen up the look of any room is to rearrange the furniture. Switching out the positions of two chairs or simply moving the couch away from the wall is a small change, but it can make a big difference, making your old pieces feel fresh and new.

Create a Focal Point
Every room should have one piece of furniture or a design element, such as a fireplace or large window, that serves as a focal point. It brings your focus to a certain point in the room and gives you a wonderful starting point for designing the rest of the space. It is a good idea place your focal point where it can be seen easily when entering the room, feeling as if it is drawing you in.

Pay Attention to Scale
You may fall immediately in love with a large, gorgeous piece that looks incredible in our luxury furniture store at the Lake of the Ozarks, but if you are trying to place it into a small room, it probably won't give you the same feeling. The same goes for the opposite. Trying to display a small home decor item by itself in a large room will cause that piece to get overlooked and seem out of place. Make sure all of the pieces that you choose fit the size of the room you are decorating and that they work well with each other.

Add Something New
The very best way to make any space look brand new is to add something that truly is new to your home. We carry a fantastic selection of furniture, home accents, artwork, and much more, and the variety of styles that we feature make it easy to find something that will work perfectly with the pieces you already have. Whether it's a bold new rug, and fashionable side chair, or an entire set of furniture, you'll find something perfect at John Elliott Interiors.

Adding a new color to a space can change the look up nicely. You can go all out and paint every wall in the room, or simply paint an accent wall to add a little excitement. Adding color to the backs of open shelves is also a great way to shake things up a bit.

If you are insecure about taking on the project of redecorating on your own, the talented designers at our Lake of the Ozarks home interiors store are happy to step in and help you out. We have lots of exquisite ideas at John Elliott Interiors for every room in your home. Come in soon to talk a few of them over with us and see all of the wonderful things we have for you to decorate your home with.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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