6 Tips for Designing a Beautiful and Functional Office Space


Office space doesn't have to be "all business." There are ways to make it functional while still appearing inviting, comfortable, and beautiful. The interior design of office space should inspire you to get all of your work done, but there is nothing wrong with adding personal touches that add personality and flair. Our Lake of the Ozarks luxury furniture store has the pieces you need to make that happen, and today's blog has the tips to help you do it.

Invest in a Great Chair
If you have the type of job where you will be seated most of the day, a comfortable chair is an absolute must! Something with an ergonomic design will keep discomfort at bay, which aids greatly in maximizing your efficiency. As for the chair's relation to your desk and computer screen, the following guidelines are suggested for increased comfort.

  • Your eyes should be 24-36 inches away from the computer screen and the top of the monitor should be at or below eye level.
  • Feet should be placed comfortably on a footrest or the floor.
  • A slightly reclined chair position is best to reduce pressure on the spine and minimize lower back pain.    
For a home office, you want the furniture that you choose to reflect the style of the rest of the house. Offices that you have to leave the house to go to can have any style that you like, as long as it is comfortable, inspires you to get the job done, and feels inviting to any clients that will be visiting you. 

Dedicate Space
Organization is the key to a functional office space. Having dedicated spots for each individual task you do is the best way to keep it all in order. Cabinets or lots of shelving with doors that can hide files and other paper clutter is a great way to do this. For open shelves, use decorative bins to hide the clutter. If space is limited, store upward rather than outward, keeping the items you use most often close at hand and placing the things you don't need on a regular basis on the upper shelves. 

If you have enough room in your office, designating a lounge space off to one side is a wonderful idea. It dedicates that area as a place to unwind when you need a break, letting your brain know that when you get back to the desk, it's time to get back to work.   

Color It Inspiring
The business you are in may factor into the color on the walls, but if you have a choice, pick a paint color that motivates you to get things done. For some people, this is a calming or soothing color palette, but others may find bright and cheery walls more inspiring.

Keep It Green
We don't mean wall color in this tip (unless of course, that happens to be your motivating color!) Having plants in your office not only adds beauty and life to your space, but it also improves the air quality which is good for concentration. If you don't happen to have a green thumb, an artificial plant may be the best thing for you. It doesn't improve the air quality, but it does still improve the overall look of the room. 

Add Accessories
The accent pieces that you decorate your office with add personality to the design. They also give you something pleasing to look at during a long workday. If you are happy in your office space, it is a lot easier to get more accomplished. Choose items that inspire your creativity and bring happy thoughts to mind. This can be a beautiful piece of wall art, a creative sculpture, or even a bowl you can fill with candy. (The sugar is for energy!) We carry a wonderful selection of decorative items at John Elliott Interiors that work especially well for this purpose. 

Let There Be Light! 
Lamps are an excellent way to improve your office space. In addition to being a terrific accent piece to decorate with, lots of light keeps the room bright and makes it feel less like a dark cave you are stuck in for 8 hours, especially if there aren't a lot of windows in your office. Good lighting also cuts down on eye strain, which reduces the chance for headaches.

If you have clients that come into your office, it's important to make a good impression with high-quality office furniture. You most likely spend a lot of time in your office each week, so it is also important that you love the look and feel of the interior design of the room. Our talented interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks are equally as impressive at decorating an office as they are an exquisite home. If you need some inspiration for making your workspace a place where you enjoy spending time, let John Elliott Interiors guide you in the right direction.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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