Ways to Enjoy Your Home Through the Winter


The winter months are here, the holidays are passing by, and there’s no place like home! If you want to enjoy a few cozy evenings cuddled up in your home enjoying your family and your comfy couch - here are a few ways you can enjoy a silent night and your home as you finish out the holidays and start the winter months.

Sit By the Fire

If you have a fireplace in your home, now is a great time to light it up and enjoy it. Make s’mores, drink hot chocolate, read your favorite book and snack on your favorite treat. There’s just something about a blaze that makes the winter nights feel idyllic, so if you have a fireplace, we hope that you can take time to enjoy it this season.

Quiet Nights at Home

If you’ve had an especially busy holiday season, maybe what you really need is a silent night. Put the kids to bed, light some candles, make a cup of tea or coffee, and relish in the silence. Sometimes all you need is a refreshing night where you make very important plans - plans to sit and do nothing. After the holidays are over can be a great time to think about all of the things that you're thankful for, and the people in your life who mean so much to you - and a silent night in your beautiful home is perfect for that.

Play Games

Your family could really benefit from and enjoy a good old fashioned game night! Pop some popcorn, make hot chocolate, and have some friendly competition. From board games to video games, there are many ways you can enjoy family time, and still have a little bit of fun competition.

Make Music

Do you have a musical family? Make some very special winter memories by gathering around the piano or guitar and singing some tunes. You may have to gently encourage a few family members who think it’s cheesy, but it can be a very wonderful memory for everyone. Not to mention, a fun way to enjoy a part of your home that may get overlooked during the busy times of your life.

Have a Dance Party

If you have young kids, they will especially enjoy this way of loving your time in your home! Crank up the tunes and have a dance party! Not to mention, this is a great way to burn some holiday calories and wear the kids out before bed - so you can have that silent night!

Happy Holidays from the Team at John Elliott Interiors

We love what we do, because we help you create a place that everyone wants to come home to. Making memories, enjoying time with family, and celebrating your beautiful home are the reasons we sell the best furniture at the Lake of the Ozarks and provide the best interior decorating services in mid-Missouri. We hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and that you get to enjoy some much needed time in your beautiful Lake of the Ozarks home.

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