21 Things You Can Get Rid of Right NOW!


Every interior decorator knows that before you begin the process of re-designing a room, decluttering is required. In fact, decluttering your home can be the difference between having a spectacular finished product, and one that doesn't look quite the way you imagined. It is possible to have a spotless and decluttered home, but it doesn't come without a little bit of effort. We all have items that accumulate in our homes. From stacks of papers to those ballpoint pens that seem to multiply to astronomical numbers. Give your New Year a great start by scouring your home and removing these 25 items - you'll be amazed at how freeing it will be!

1. Condiment Packets

Your favorite Chinese restaurant gives you soy sauce, and your favorite Mexican restaurant supplies hot sauce - before you know it, you have more than they do! Only grab what you need at the restaurant, and throw the rest away when you get home.

2. Kids Clothes

We know that those sweet jackets, onesies, and socks melt your heart, but they also take up a LOT of space. Sort through and find your absolute favorites. You can use them in quilts or as doll clothes, THEN, donate the rest to a mother in need.

3. Old Reference Books

Do you still have your college textbooks on your shelf? If they are recent enough to sell, do it! If they are too old, recycle and enjoy the space for books that make you smile instead of cringe.

4. Old Linens

If you wouldn't offer those sheets or towels to a guest, get rid of them! If you keep them around for the dog to dry off with, keep one and ditch the rest. Old linens take up a LOT of storage space and only add clutter to your shelves and even your floors.

5. Plastic Grocery Bags

While have a few may be helpful, having hundreds is overwhelming. Recycle those at your local store and enjoy all of the extra space!

6. Tupperware With Missing Pieces

If the lid is long gone, the bottom needs to disappear too. Plastic storage containers are already hard to manage in your cabinet, and only made worse when you have twice as many lids verses containers.

7. Hangers

If you have metal hangers, toss them. They aren't good for your clothes and they tangle easily. If you have too many plastic ones, don't be afraid to get rid of those as well. Only keep what you need, put a few in your coat closet and sell or donate the rest.

8. Greeting Cards

It may seem heartless to get rid of cards, but when you received them in the mail, and the brought a smile to your face, they served their purpose. Only keep the ones that have really meaningful messages and recycle what's leftover.

9. Piles of Office Supplies

It's amazing how quickly your desk can become overrun with office supplies. Staplers, paperclips, rubber bands, sticky notes, and more can take over quickly. Narrow them down to only what you need, and put the rest back in the supply closet.

10. Stacks of Magazines

Do you truly plan on reading back through your old magazines? Once you've read it, you're done. If it is a recent copy, donate it to your local library, otherwise, recycle it. Maybe it will come back to you someday as a different magazine!

11. The Pen Collection

We addressed this collection earlier, and it's amazing how quickly it grows. Have you ever been on the phone, taking a message, and gone through several pens that don't work? Toss them! Only save your favorite pens, and keep that pen holder clutter free.

12. Leftover Paint

After you've remodeled your home, it may be tempting to keep the leftover gallons of paint - but don't! They will dry up and get old before you know it, so instead of storing them for months before throwing them out, just do it now. If you need to touch up your paint, you can always head back to the hardware store and get a sample size for a couple of dollars.

13. Novelty Appliances

That cartoon character waffle maker may have been cute for the special occasion, but if you don't use it on a regular basis (like every week), it really doesn't need to take up valuable kitchen space.

14. Old Phones & Their Cords

Old phones can be sold if they are still recent, but if they aren't, find a place to recycle them. While you're at it, don't forget to get rid of the cord, too! Cords can accumulate so quickly, and before you know it, you don't even remember what they go to.

15. Travel Toiletries

You may think you'll use them, but the truth is, your personal products are generally the first thing you'll grab, AND, those products do expire.

16. Hair Supplies

Bobby pins and hair ties accumulate so quickly, and before you know it, they are taking over your couch, floor, bathroom counter and more. Keep a few of them in an easy to access location for when you need them, and get control of all of the rest.

17. Old Cosmetics

Did you know that your cosmetics can actually expire? This not only means you're storing old, expired make-up, but it can also cause infections and be a holding ground for bacteria. Throw it out, and if you find that you need it again, you can go get more.

18. Product Boxes

If you open your closet, will you find the product boxes for your television, computer, cell phone, gaming systems, speakers, and more? You really aren't going to need those boxes any more, and even if you move, you would be better off getting a new box to put them in.

19. The "If" Outfits

You know the ones we're talking about, the "if" I lose weight, "if" I get a tan so it looks better, "if" I tone my thighs first. It's time to toss the "ifs" and enjoy extra closet space for the items that you actually love!

20. Gift Bags & Supplies

It may seem practical to save those gift bags and tissue paper for the next time you need to gift, but in many cases, you're still going to buy something anyway. Keep only the truly pretty, or easily transferrible between event types. If you just got married or had a baby, it's hard to believe that you'll be going to 20-60 weddings or baby showers of the correct gender in the next year. Save space and get rid of them!

21. Promotional Products

Businesses are always handing out promotional products, but the truth is that you probably aren't going to use them as much as you think. Spare yourself the space in your drawers, car cupholders and more by getting rid of these items.

Declutter Your Home and Then Make it Pretty!

If you've been dreaming of having your space made over with new and beautiful items, John Elliott Interiors would love to help you find the perfect pieces. Before you start the process though, take some time to remove the items from your home that you truly don't need anymore. Make the New Year truly meaningful with a new, clutter-free space. Then call the best interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks to remake your space!

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