Color Trends for Fall 2017


Are you excited for fall? It seems like it can't get here fast enough! September 22nd is officially the first day of fall and the perfect time to pull out your fall decor and drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Pantone, a color specialist in the industry, has released their color choices for Fall 2017 - and it's giving us all of the splendid fall weather, orange leaf chills. Check them out and see if you can incorporate them into your fall decor this season.

Shaded Spruce - PANTONE 19-4524

This dark blue-ish green is sophisticated and classicly warm and cool. Being a dark color makes it perfect for dramatic pops of color, but the shade makes it warm and inviting. We're thinking that it would be divine as part of your table setting. Can you only imagine some beautiful large plates in this shade? Add some beautiful orange pumpkins and leaves to the mix and you'll have an impeccable harvest table.

Golden Lime - PANTONE 16-0243

While lime is typically a summer shade, this color has enough yellow to make it perfectly fall. Add pops of color to your living room with a few pillows and throws in this shade! Or accent your table with Golden Lime napkins or a centerpiece featuring this shade. You don't want to overdo this color, but keeping it as and an accent is divine.

Marina - PANTONE 17-4041

If you want to invite fall into your home, but still, want to keep the fun lake vibe - this color will be IDEAL! It's still a bit fun, and summery, but has muted tones to keep it relaxed and cool. Use this color around your outdoor spaces as pillows or cushions around your firepit or bring it indoors with your candles and other accents.

Navy Peony - PANTONE 19-4029

Navy never goes out of style, and fall is the ideal time to bring it out and accent it. The dark, coolness of this color balances out all of the warm tones that surround the fall season. Use it as a beautiful base color for the rest of your design. It can also be a beautiful accent through patterns that you use - so a navy and orange tablecloth, napkins, or accent pillows would be delightful.

Tawny Port - PANTONE 19-1725

Can anyone say "mmmhmmm?" This color gives us all of the fall feels. It's warm, rich, and enchanting. It would be splendid for a warm, cozy, throw blanket on your bed or couch. It would also be perfect as a tablecloth, or the salad plates in your table setting. Such an excellent fall color for a fun fall season.

Ballet Slipper - PANTONE 13-2808

Are you looking for something a little more delicate this fall? Try pairing this light pink shade with the warm browns and rich reds to achieve a cozy fall feel without the darker, bolder shades. It's a fun, girly spin on the fall palette - and we LOVE it!

Neutral Gray - PANTONE 17-4402

Pair this shade with the Tawny Port and the Ballet Slipper colors to make a stunning fall palette that's a little different than the expected. It also looks divine paired with the warm orange and red shades, as well. You really can't go wrong when you use this delicate and demure gray tone in your fall decorating. It has a sophisticated flair but is still comfortable enough for a cozy fall design.

Butterum - PANTONE 16-1341

This shade is PERFECT for fall, and just what you would expect to see in a fall palette. Whether you incorporate it into your wardrobe or your home, you'll see this simple neutral tan all around. Butterum is a great base for your bolder colors or can be used all on its own as a feature color in your home design, table decor, or front porch decor.

Grenadine - PANTONE 17-1558

This exciting red-orange tone is exactly what you need this fall to spice up your decor. You'll see shades of orange this fall, but this one is a bit different and splendid for this exciting style you want to incorporate. It will be superb in your foliage, table decor, mixed into your wreath on your front door, or even as pillows on your bed!

Autumn Maple - PANTONE 17-1145

Finally, the orange that you love and know. Autumn Maple has all of the cozy feelings of a pumpkin spice latte while sitting on a flannel blanket under a fiery maple tree. Scatter this shade throughout your fall decor, from your table setting to your fall foliage and even the candles that you use to decorate throughout your home! How do you plan on incorporating this warm fall shade?

Home Decor at the Lake of the Ozarks

We're all about updating your home's style every season to mimic the fun designs and colors that come around. Even if you choose the fall shades that mesh well with your current design - there's nothing like updating the style a bit every season. You can make your home feel fresh and updated with a few new accents, throw pillows or blankets, or even candles scattered throughout your home. How will you use these trending colors this fall? We want to see your ideas! If you don't know where to start - come visit the best interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks! We can help you find the perfect accent for your home design at the Lake of the Ozarks. Happy Fall ya'll!

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