5 NEW Trends for Your Home


The weather is getting crisp and the styles are starting to change as we move from the warm summer months to the cooler winter months. This transition doesn’t just happen with the foods we eat (Pumpkin Spice, anyone?) or the clothes we wear (like the infamous flannel shirts), but this change of seasons starts to show up in our homes as well. 2018 is right around the corner, and if you’re thinking about re-designing a Lake of the Ozarks home here are a few trends that you may want to incorporate into your style.

Dark Paint

The days of white and gray farmhouses are disappearing and dark dramatic styles are making their way into homes around the country. We’re not just talking about darker shades, but actual dark paints like black. You will also see dark greens being introduced into homes in different ways from cabinets to floors. If you aren’t ready to commit to the dark colors, you can also incorporate dark browns for a rich and luxurious fall feel.

Places to Relax

In a busy culture where everyone is going all of the time, you will start to find that homeowners are looking for places to relax. Purposeful and designed, these spaces are cozy, comfy, and inviting. You may not even want to include a single outlet in this space to help keep it tech free.


This is the season of natural luxury as you will find organic textures combined with exquisite taste. While you’ll see woven materials like rugs, and baskets being brought into homes, you’ll also find more velvet furniture being brought together as well. This doesn’t just happen with the furniture and accents. Flooring is getting a makeover as well, as terra cotta tile is being introduced into space, along with faux finishes and rich designs. Bone inlays are hitting the market in full force, and will be found among many of the best designs.

Indulgent Accents

Marble and copper were the accents of the last few seasons. Now you’ll find that brass is making a comeback along with the terra cotta textures that we mentioned above. You don’t need to toss the marble countertops though because that texture will never leave. You will start to see less and less of the marble accents and people are moving towards a more earthy feel in their luxurious designs.

Statement Ceilings

Accent walls have been a huge trend over the last decade. From using a bold color on the walls to accenting with shiplap and wood, the style has been a huge craze. This year, though, accent ceilings are being welcomed into the design hall of fame - and we can’t wait to see what you do! From textured wallpaper to tin, embossed foam ceiling tiles, shiplap, wooden beams, bold paint colors, and more!

BONUS: Use Interesting Pieces

Finally, one of the most important trends for 2018 is the use of interesting furniture. None of the pieces have to “match” per se, but they all go together. Mix and match different pieces with textures, colors, and patterns to create a design that works perfectly in your space. Are you looking for furniture at the Lake of the Ozarks? Our home design store at the Lake of the Ozarks has just what you’re looking for. Come visit us this season and find exactly what your home needs to be beautiful.

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