Creating An Outdoor Dining Space


While we are called John Elliott Interiors - we can also help you with your outdoor spaces as well! In fact, now that spring has finally sprung, we think there is no better time than the present to start improving your outdoor entertaining spaces and getting them ready to enjoy the beautiful weather. The best interior design store at the Lake of the Ozarks is ready to help you tackle your outdoor dining spaces - here's how you can get started!

Find Your Focal Point

Every outdoor dining space needs a few things to be successful. You'll want to start with a luxurious outdoor dining set. It's important to choose something that will be compatible with the elements and is sturdy enough to withstand the wind and weather. Your dining set will be the focal of your outdoor dining area, and since you'll most likely enjoy hours and hours of fun in the chairs - you'll want them to be comfortable as well.

Fire & Water

Do you want to spice up your area? Consider adding some functional construction. A firepit or built-in grill can be an excellent way to spice up your outdoor dining and entertaining. You can fix meals directly on the grill and bring them straight to the table, and do it in style.

Another unique detail you can add to your space is water features. from small fountains to large ponds - there's nothing more relaxing than the sound of cascading water. This can be the finishing touch to your dining space, and be exactly what you need to make a statement in your outdoor dining area.

Let There Be Light

The lighting you choose can make or break your space. While you may be enjoying your outdoor dining space during the day - you'll likely want to party late into the evening as well. Adding appropriate lighting can make your space glow - literally. You can either add structural lights into your landscaping or you can use lamps and hanging lights to create the right ambiance.

Use Natural Elements

Since your dining space will obviously be outside, use the outdoors as inspiration for your space. You can feature a beautiful wood table and chairs to start off the natural feel. Incorporating soft patterns in shades of green or neutral tones can also help lend to the natural feel. Don't forget to add plenty of potted plants around your dining space. Choose fun varieties that inspire eating, like herbs. You can even use plants that are known for keeping bugs away to keep your space more relaxing.

Your Design Connection - Indoor & Out

At John Elliott Interiors, we know how important it is to love your home. Creating a luxurious space where you can relax at the end of the day is key - and we know how to get you there. Our interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks are ready to change your space and create a place you won't ever want to leave. Visit our showroom to learn more about the manufacturers we carry and see how we can improve your space.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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