5 Ways To Accent Your Coffee Table


Your coffee table can either be a place to showcase your sophisticated style or it can be a place to gather all of the papers and items from the day. At John Elliott Interiors, we know the value of an attractive coffee table display, so we have a few tips to help you when creating a designer look for your home.

Use the Grid System

Especially when you have a long coffee table it can be hard to decide what to put on it and where. If you divide your table into grids and place something in each grid it can help create a balanced design. A stack of attractive books, a candle and knick knack, and a tray with a plant can all make an organized arrangement that is also stylish and uncluttered when each is in its own grid.

Bring It To Life

Even if you don't have a green thumb, adding a plant that's easy to care for can be an attractive way to spruce up your coffee table. Simple plants that don't need a lot of care are going to be your best bet. Ferns, aloe vera plants, and the like are simple plants, but extremely attractive and can add some fresh life to your coffee table.

High and Low

The goal of your coffee table accents is to incorporate high and low focal points. If everything on your table is the same height, it can be hard for the eye to pick out just one thing to admire, and it all blends in together. Choose a tall lamp or vase with flowers, a shorter statue or candlestick, and a short trinket or small stack of books. This can help keep things diverse, while also allowing the eye to admire everything together and separately.

Look From Every Angle

It's important to create the right aesthetic, and that can only be accomplished when you view the coffee table from every angle. Consider how your decor looks from every angle and multiple vantage points. Think of picture frames, for instance, they are only attractive from one side, so save those for the walls or shelves where the back isn't visible.

Swap Out For the Season

The most interesting and fun part of the decor for your coffee table is that you can change it out every season. In the spring you can accent with tulips and soft figures, in the summer you can add a large shell to a stack of books to capture the fun lake lifestyle. In the fall you can incorporate rustic colors and pumpkins, while in the winter you can accessorize with metallic shades, holiday textures.

Interior Design at the Lake of the Ozarks

If the idea of accessorizing your coffee table is intimidating and you don't know where to start, count on your design team at John Eliott Interiors. We believe that your home should reflect not only your personal style but the luxurious lifestyle that you love. Come visit our interior design store at the Lake of the Ozarks to see the types of accessories we have for your home, and come away with a fresh inspiration - and a few fun pieces to use in your home!

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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