Design Tips for a Beautiful Nursery


Designing the perfect room for your little one is exciting, but it can also present unique design challenges. John Elliott Interiors is the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks and we love helping you with every design aspect of your home. When planning a nursery, it's important to keep a few concepts in mind as you come up with ideas. Read on to learn more!

Safety Concerns

One of the most important aspects of a nursery's design is the security of the room.

Temperature & Airflow

Make sure the room you choose has adequate ventilation as well as efficient heating and cooling capabilities. Babies can have a difficult time regulating their temperature, so it is important to keep their space at a consistent and comfortable temperature. It has been suggested that having a ceiling fan directly over a baby's crib correlates with a lower risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) due to the increased airflow directed toward them.

Fire Safety

It is important to have a fire safety plan in place in case of a fire. Be sure the smoke detector in your baby's room is working properly and always has well-charged batteries installed in it. If the nursery is not on the ground floor, make sure to have a secure roll-out ladder or some other method of escape from the room in case a fire blocks you and Baby into the nursery.

Choking and Fall Hazards

At first, your little one will be completely dependent on you to move about, but soon they will start crawling, rolling over, and grabbing for everything within reach. Help keep them safe by limiting the number of small items in the room that could fit into their mouths. It's also a good idea to not hang heavy art or decor above the crib. You never know what might shake them just enough to come loose from the wall and fall into the crib, causing injury.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is your friend when designing a nursery. If the room is crowded with too many decorations, then the room could quickly collect dust that will be hard to keep up with while also caring for a newborn. It could also be overstimulating for your baby to be surrounded by a lot of clutter or several bright colors when you're trying to get them to nap or go to sleep for the night. Choose a neutral, soft palette for the walls that can help soothe your little one. A gender-neutral palette can also serve you well for baby number two. Simply change out the decor to go with a new theme for your baby's new sibling.

Plan Ahead

It can be hard to contain your excitement once you know your family will be growing very soon. You may want to run out and start buying every cute decoration and charming piece of furniture that you set your eyes on. Instead, take a moment to plan with your significant other how you want the room to look. Choose the overall theme and color palette before heading to the store. That way you won't end up with several competing color schemes or vastly different wood stains.

Interior Design at the Lake

John Elliott Interiors is up to any design challenge you throw our way! We are the best interior design company at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we love helping you design the home of your dreams. If you are expecting a new little one in 2020, contact us to get started on a picture-perfect plan for their nursery. We can't wait!

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