3 Simple Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Fresh This Fall


We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but another great time of year to give your home some extra attention is in the fall. John Elliott Interiors can design beautiful spaces in your home, but even the most beautiful designs can use a good cleaning now and then. Read on to learn our simple tips on how to freshen your home this fall.

Let in the Fresh Air

Crisp fall air can do wonders for your home. Your windows were likely shut all summer, keeping the air conditioning in and the sweltering heat out. If your home stays “sealed” for a long amount of time, however, it can start to feel stuffy. Start your cleaning endeavor by turning off your HVAC system, opening all your windows, and turning on the fans in your home. This will help circulate fresh air throughout your house, chasing out any stagnant air or unpleasant smells clinging to rooms with limited airflow.

Amp Up Your Regular Cleaning Routine

Perform your regular home maintenance cleaning as usual - dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping – but go slightly further with each task. While vacuuming, run the hose attachment where your baseboards and the carpet meet, clean beneath your couch cushions, and move the furniture out of the way to remove hidden dust and debris. As you dust, pay special attention to windowsills, corners with cobwebs, and ceiling fans (but turn them off first!). Before you sweep and mop, use a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water to wipe down your baseboards. You will be surprised what a visual difference this can make!

Don’t Neglect Your Soft Surfaces

It can be difficult to keep the soft surfaces in our home clean – couch cushions, curtains, rugs, etc. Check the tags first before cleaning anything in the washing machine. If it’s safe to do so, you can use the “sanitize” setting on your machine to destroy as much bacteria as possible. Removing the dust and bacteria that had been lingering on those surfaces can help improve the air quality in your home.

For items that can’t be cleaned in the washing machine, look for an antibacterial spray that is safe to use on the cloth surfaces in your home. Apply it to your soft furnishings and decorative pillows to help kill bacteria and remove stale odors.

Welcome Fall with a Fresh Home

After a busy summer season enjoying the lake, traveling with your family, and having the kids out of school, your home could use some extra cleaning love this fall. Follow our tips to create a fresh feel in your home and welcome fall with open arms.

  1. Circulate fresh air in your home by turning on fans and opening windows.
  2. Go the extra mile with your traditional cleaning routine.
  3. Pay special attention to the soft surfaces in your home.

For finishing touches, visit John Elliott Interiors for beautiful art and home décor at the Lake of the Ozarks. Then go ahead and light that pumpkin scented candle - it’s time for fall!

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