Make Your Home a Place the Entire Family Can Enjoy Together


Some of the best family memories are made when you’re relaxing at home with your loved ones. Whether you're spending time with your immediate or extended family, it’s important to have a comfortable gathering area where you can all spend time together. At John Elliott Interiors, you don’t have to skimp out on style when creating a comfortable space. Here are some features to include in your home so that you can focus on making memories with those you love.

Living Room 

The living room should serve as a place that people can relax. Being physically relaxed can allow room for meaningful conversations to take place. For the ultimate cozy room, incorporate fabrics like faux fur or velvet. You can do this by placing pillows in these textures around the room or you could purchase a velvet chair or couch to serve as the focal point. In addition to these comfy fabrics, feature natural materials by including a wooden coffee table and potted plants or fresh flowers.

Having enough seating for everyone is a very important element to consider when designing a living room. To ensure that you do, consider adding a sectional to make the most out of your space and/or an ottoman. Ottomans are great because with a cute tray on top, they can serve as a makeshift table for drinks and snacks or if you remove the tray, it can function as another seat for guests. To finish off the space, feature framed photos of your favorite family memories around the room and place warm throw blankets over the arms of the furniture.

Kitchen and Dining Room 
Where there’s family, there’s normally food. Not only do some great memories come out of eating meals together as a family, but it’s also been proven that family mealtimes have a variety of positive benefits. According to the Family Dinner Project, meals eaten together regularly can greatly help children by improving academic performance, increasing self-esteem, and lowering future risks of obesity, eating disorder development, depression and more.

To make eating meals together easier, invest in a kitchen or dining room table that not only has enough seats for your immediate family but if possible, also has a few extra seats for guests to join you. Another great way to add extra seating in the kitchen is to have a built-in bar added to your counters and then add some beautiful barstools to this. Family members can sit here and keep you company while cooking and it also serves as a great overflow area when family members and friends come over to eat.

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces  
When the weather is nice, outdoor entertainment spots like a patio or fire pit area can serve as a great place for people to spend time together. For long-lasting furniture, make sure to get pieces that are specifically made for outdoor use and that are waterproof. Another great piece of furniture to consider including in your entertainment space is an outdoor table. Eating outside is a fun way to change up family time and is especially great if you’re barbecuing. Spending family time outside allows kids to run around and play in the backyard while the adults relax. Add some outdoor string lights to the area to pull the look together and to create a calming atmosphere.

John Elliott Interiors, Lake of the Ozarks

John Elliott Interiors understands that family time is important to many homeowners. Our Lake of the Ozarks interior designers can help you create a home that is comfortable and stylish so that you can focus on spending quality time with loved ones. Stop by our showroom today to see all of the beautiful pieces we have in store for you.

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