Expert Tips for Displaying Wall Art in Your Home


When you find a piece of wall art that you want to showcase as a part of your interior design at the Lake of the Ozarks, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will want to display it in a way that works well with the rest of the room and highlights the art.

We carry an extensive collection of the best artwork at the Lake of the Ozarks, so finding that perfect piece of wall art is never a problem at John Elliott Interiors. The tips in today's blog will help you to show off your prize pieces beautifully once you get them home.

Pay Attention to Scale
You don't want to attempt to put a piece of art in a space it doesn't fit. Placing a small piece alone on a large wall will make it look out of place, while putting a great big work of art someplace that it is crowded by other pieces could result in it not getting the attention it deserves and making the area appear cluttered. There should be a good balance between the scale of the rest of the room in comparison to the size and placement of your wall art.

Hang at Eye Level
Art should be hung with the center of the piece at eye level, which can be difficult to determine since not everyone's eyes fall at the same height. Interior designers took the average height of most people to come up with a guideline of placing that spot at about 58-60 inches above the ground. For pieces that will be placed in a child's room, you may want to hang it just a bit lower. If you are hanging art above a sofa or a headboard, aim for the bottom of the art to hit about 8-10 inches above the furniture.

Group Multiple Pieces
If you would like to display more than one piece of art on the same wall, a good way to begin your arrangement is by deciding where you want the largest piece first. Then you can place the rest of the art around and outward from it. You want to create visual balance with a sense of symmetry so it doesn't look like you just threw them up on the wall without a design in mind.

For pieces that are all the same size, use the idea of a symmetrical grid for their placement. When you place art in a single horizontal row, align either the center of each piece or the tops. Also, leave at least 2-3 inches of space between each piece of art. A great tip for placing a grouping on the wall without making "mistake" nail holes is to cut large pieces of kraft paper in the size of each piece and then arrange those on the wall using painter's tape until you come up with your favorite display.

Lean Instead of Hang
There is no rule that wall art must be placed on a wall. Instead, leaning a framed piece of art against a wall, on a shelf, a mantle, or a long, slim picture ledge can add an interesting look to the room. It's also an excellent solution if you don't want to put a nail in the wall. Sometimes layering pieces of art slightly with each other looks incredible too. This leaning technique makes it easy to rotate your collection, allowing you to trade out pieces of art with each season.

Display What You Love
Last, but certainly not least, strive to find wall art that has a special place in your heart and you truly enjoy looking at every day. It's fun to have a variety of styles displayed, but it's best if you can find art that easily connects to the rest of your home decor. If you happen to fall in love with a piece of art that doesn't match your current interior design, use it as inspiration for a brand new redesign of the room you want to display it in!

If you are still not quite comfortable finding the perfect place for your wall art, our Lake of the Ozarks interior designers can give you all of the advice you need. They can also guide you through the many one-of-a-kind pieces of art on display throughout the John Elliott Interiors showroom. Once you set eyes on art that "speaks" in a way that pleases you, you've very likely found the perfect piece to hang in your home.

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