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Valentine's Day is coming up very soon and this has inspired our Lake of the Ozarks luxury furniture store to think of ways to bring romance into an interior design. A romantic style doesn't mean that you have to fill a room with frilly, feminine things. You can add romantic elements in a few different ways that are pleasing to the eye, as well as the other senses, to anyone. John Elliott Interiors has a few tips for you below to help make that happen.

The colors most often associated with a romantic design are soft, dreamy pastels. These include soft pinks, peaches, creams, and ivories. Using one main color and then varying shades of it can achieve a wonderful look. Of course, if you prefer a more dramatic type of romantic feeling for your overall design, you may want to use darker colors like fiery reds and other deep, royal jewel tones.

Big, fluffy pillows, blankets, and throws add an excellent element to the romance. You can use sheer, flowy fabrics for curtains, and in the bedroom, a canopy over the bed is a nice touch. Any type of material that has a luxuriousness to it when touched is perfect for bringing romance to a room. 

Lots of graceful curves to the furniture are perfect for this style. Many might feel as if this makes the room a bit too feminine. That can be balanced out with striped fabrics and the addition of dark wood elements around the room. These are able to make the design more appealing to men without taking away from a slightly feminine style. 

Once you have the main look for the room set, the home accents are what bring it personality and character. For a romantic look and feel, some sparkle and shine here and there will fit perfectly. Possibly bring in golden accents or a glittery finish someplace. Fresh flowers are wonderful, but if you don't want to keep replacing them, floral artwork works nicely too. Lots of candles are a must. The candle color adds beauty, the flame brings warmth, and a magnificent scent finishes the effect fantastically.

Romantic elements can be added to any room in the house, and if you like, you can even strive for a slightly different type of romantic look in each space you use it in. Our talented interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks can help you find the perfect balance to bring the desired look and feel to every room in your home.

Make a visit to our large showroom in Lake Ozark soon to experience a few examples of the beautiful things we can do for you. Our Lake of the Ozarks home interiors store not only has the furniture to furnish your home, but also the incredible home accents to complete the entire look. Talk to us about what you have in mind and we will come up with an interior design you will love to live in.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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  1. All these rooms looks so damn romantic with the furniture. Simply amazing. I really regret not coming on this blog earlier, otherwise I would have made amazing plans for Valentine's day with my wife this year!

    Afaq Ahmed |


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