How Interior Design Influences Your Mood & Emotions


Interior design is meant to look beautiful, but it should also bring comfort to your life, both physically and mentally. The furniture that you choose from our Lake of the Ozarks home interiors store, as well as the art and accent pieces to decorate your home or office, work together to bring about a certain feeling in a room. Here are few examples from John Elliott Interiors of ways you can influence the way a room makes you feel.

First Impression
If you pay attention, you will notice that often your mood changes upon entering certain rooms. Before picking out anything for a space's interior design, think about how that room will be used and the mindset you prefer to be in while you are there. For example, bedrooms need to be relaxing while office space should encourage you to concentrate. Once you know how each space being decorated will be used, it will help you to make many of the design decisions. 

Every color brings about certain feelings, and the many shades of each of those colors offer the chance for lots of possibilities. Soft blues and greens are very soothing colors to use in a bedroom, while reds and oranges are said to stimulate appetite, making them a wonderful color for decorating a dining room. You can research and be guided by what psychologists suggest for color meanings, but it's important to understand how you personally respond to specific colors. 

Texture adds another layer to the design. Just like certain colors are tied to specific feelings, different textures bring ideas to mind. In a room where you want to relax, soft, plush materials seem restful. In contrast, lots of sharp angles and bold patterns in an office can cause you to feel more alert and enhance focus.

Natural Elements
Moods are often uplifted with the presence of light. If your home has lots of natural light filtering in from large windows, you may want to find window coverings that bring focus to them. Additional lamps will need to be added to your decor if the room lacks natural light. Bringing the outdoors in makes a person feel refreshed. Plants make a room feel less sterile and artificial. They are natural air purifiers and their presence has a calming effect.

Cramped Spaces
Too much stuff in one space makes a person feel anxious. Be careful not to try to fit too much furniture into a small space. Whether the room you are decorating is large or small, make sure that you don't over-accessorize it. Too many knick-knacks can quickly cross the fine line between decor and clutter.

Keeping the ideas above in mind will greatly help you make decisions about the types of items you want to include in your interior design. When you come into John Elliott Interiors looking for the perfect pieces, let our interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks know exactly what type of feeling you would like each room to have. They will guide you to the perfect items to put you in a very happy mood.

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