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This week our Lake of the Ozarks luxury furniture store is going to take a look at the different versions of country-inspired interior designs. As with most general terms, there are a lot of different branches that stem from this look, and John Elliott Interiors will explain the differences between them for you in today's blog.

There is more than one type of design considered "country," as you can see by the additional paragraphs below. For this first description, we are talking about a look that has a more handmade, simple quality about it. You will see lots of wood, handmade pottery, baskets, and possibly hand-forged metals.

There is an old-fashioned elegance in a country style. Often there is an extensive use of white wood paneling and soft floral patterns. Checked and striped fabrics also fit well into this type of design. Colors are often more muted, with an antique look to them. 

French Country
This style is heavily influenced by farmhouse inspiration. Warm, earthy colors are utilized, and heavy linens are incorporated like handmade quilts. This look, while still Country in style, uses more ornate designs on wooden furnishings. Ornate porcelain dishes are a wonderful addition too. You may also see materials used like stone and brick around the room. 

English Country
English Country has more of an obvious feminine influence. Lush rose patterns and lots of greens, reds, and blues will be used. This design also incorporates ornate, finely carved wooden furniture but adds overstuffed pieces with tufting, as well as skirted furniture. Lots of decorative antiques may be used to finish out the overall look.

This particular style draws much of its inspiration from nature, using lots of raw and often unfinished elements such as wood and stone. Coming from the outdoors, the overall look often has a wonderful warmth to it. As for the room itself, vaulted ceilings, reclaimed wood flooring, and wooden beams offer the perfect setting for rustic-style home decor. 

This takes Rustic to an extreme with a rougher, more raw look. Very cowboy-inspired, worn leathers are perfect for this style, and those can be softened slightly with cozy plaid fabrics. Nature is also evident throughout this design, and the furniture is much larger in scale.

There is a quick explanation of the differences between these "Country" types of looks for your home. Our talented interior designers at the Lake of the Ozarks can go into more detail for you when you come into the John Elliott Interiors showroom to have a look around. Many different styles of interior design are represented in our showroom and we would love to help you discover the perfect one for each room in your home.

Let us help you create an interior for your life.

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